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Announcing the 2021 PaNNTOA Photo Contest November 3, 2021 - What better time to showcase your best photo and win some wonderful prizes too. Pick from your best tugging adventures showcasing the Pacific Northwest and your time spent on the water. Bonus if you include a Nordic Tug within your photo shot. As you click through your photos, consider beauty, wildlife, hangouts, family fun, humor, Nordic Tugs or things nautical that shows off the joy of tugging!  

The rules are simple:
  • You may submit up to two photos per boat.
  • You must be a current member of PaNNTOA.
  • Photos must be taken in this calendar year.
  • Title your photo and include a brief story to share.
  • Photos should not exceed 1 mg in size.
  • Photos must be submitted by November 30, 2021.
Instructions for submitting and posting entries:
  • Post your entry in the Trip Reports forum under topic “2021 PaNNTOA Photography Contest.” Instructions for how to post a picture into a post are at the top of the PaNNTOA Member Forum page. If you have any issues or questions related to posting, contact
The Judges:
  • Doug Ford, Vice Commodore
  • Mike Russell, Rear Commodore & professional photographer
  • Amy Jamison, Seattle Yachts
The Prizes:
  • Grand Prize, Two tickets to the 2022 Vous in Sidney, BC June 2 – 4, 2022.
  • Two Runner-Up Prizes, $150 Gift Cards to West Marine. Complements of Seattle Yachts.
Winners will be announced on the PaNNTOA website on December 18, 2021. Good luck and don’t delay. Questions, contact or
Border Crossing Process by Sam Stone October 12, 2021 - We still have the challenge of getting into Canada, whether by plane, car or for most of us by boating. To make that easier for you, if you decide to go tomorrow, here is what you will need to prepare in advance.

1. Get vaccinated and have your original record(s) with you when you travel. Not only will you add those to the ArriveCan app in advance, but you will need to have the originals with you to enter any restaurant or show a customs agent if they request. Canadians have a QR code on their original vaccination paper document(s) and BC has created an app specifically for using that QR code for BC residents.  

2. Get a Covid PCR test (this is not the same as an antigen test) within 72 hours of either takeoff if flying or checking in at customs. The test requires that you to go to certain specific testing locations in your county. You can see locations at the site below, but do note that some locations ONLY offer the antigen test, others only take symptomatic or ill patients, and many require an appointment. You can look up testing sites here, but again be sure to determine if the site will do travel testing. Results are usually back in 24-48 hours. Ours were back in less than 24 hours, and we went to the Bellingham airport location. .  

3. Determine which Canadian ports of entry are still allowing boater check-in. For example, Poet’s Cove and Montegue are closed for entry, however you can go to Van Isle or Sidney to check in if that’s on your way north. You can also look at this site and sort based on your entry point. .  

4. Download and fill out the information in the ArriveCan app. which requires all information be entered and transmitted, prior to your arrival. The app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The ArriveCAN iPhone app is compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 12.0 or later. On Android, the app requires Android version 6.0 or newer.  

You will be asked about:

    • Covid symptoms, if any 

    • Your vaccination status and which brand you received • Your Covid test which is currently needed within 72 hours of entry 

    • Your boat’s registration #, hull number and other specific data for your boat 

    • The same personal information you gave previously when traveling to Canada 

    • Your Port of Entry, and make sure this is where you want to go. Again, not all entry points are open, thus a reduced alphabetical listing in the app from which you can select the correct location 

    • A quarantine plan if they require you to quarantine for 7 to 14 days 

    • Nexus or passport information 

    • Last, but not least, a copy of your vaccination card. This is quite simple as the app allows you to hover over it with your phone or iPad, just as you would if submitting a check for deposit. The camera will focus and do the work for you 

If you don’t have 100% of the information the first time, the app allows you to save your information, and come back later to finish entering. You do need to submit the information on the app as soon as you have it all loaded, and prior to entry into Canada  

5. When arriving, don’t expect to see a customs agent on the dock. You will need to use the phone on the customs dock (not your personal cell) to call an 800# listed on the phone station. Be prepared to wait! Holding on the phone for up to an hour was not unusual just after Labor Day, so dress for the weather, grab a folding chair and a bottle of water. And above all DON’T hang up or you will lose your place in line on the phone. They will ask some of the usual questions about:

    • Where are you going, how long will you be in Canada, and the purpose of your trip. 

    • Do you have any guns and how much money are you bringing in.  

    • They will remind you that marijuana, THC and CBD are illegal to bring to Canada and ask if you have any.  

    • Specific food items don’t seem to be a problem any longer, as long as all the food you bring is for your personal consumption and not for resale.  

    • It is recommended that you leave meat and other previously forbidden food products in their original containers in case you do get inspected.  

    • There were no questions about pets, though you should have a current rabies certificate or other documentation you previously supplied. 

It has been rumored that sometime in December, Canada will no longer require the PCR test within 72 hours of travel. Time will tell if that becomes their new standard.

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Commodore’s Corner – September 2021 September 30, 2021 - Greetings from Sucia Island and the China caves overlooking Shallow Bay.  Carole and I just returned from our last long cruise for the season. I hope you all were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and wonderful Pacific Northwest waters in your tugs!  

The mini rendezvous at Swantown in Olympia was a great success!  We had 14 boats represented.  A big thanks and shout out to Denise and Russ Nichols for organizing the event. Also to all those others who volunteered to help during the three days!  

We already have tentative plans to hold at least one additional mini rendezvous next year. If we can get volunteers to assist in others, we will certainly look forward to holding several in addition to the large rendezvous planned for Sydney in early June.  

Jeff Gleckler from Seattle Yachts has been appointed the brand manager of Nordic Tug‘s for Seattle Yachts. Many of you know Jeff from dealing with him in previous Rendezvous and/or purchasing or selling your boats. He is a great resource and will be a helpful and friendly face to keep us connected with both the factory and Seattle Yachts, a major sponsor of Panntoa.  

We have now completed a couple of Board Member transitions. Mark Malnes has assumed responsibility for Membership. Denise Nichols has taken Communications responsibilities from Mike Young. A big welcome to both of them and thanks for volunteering! Also a great big thank you to Mike Young who has been an excellent Communications Director for the past two years! His insight and contributions were a great help.  

Although fall is upon us, I know that most of us will still be looking for those weather windows to sneak out and use our tugs as often as we can. Fall is also a good time to review, repair and replenish what we have used over the past cruising season.  

Stay safe and have an enjoyable Fall!  

Gary White PaNNTOA Commodore  

PANNTOA Mini-Vous A Success! September 30, 2021 - Denise Nichols reports fourteen Nordic Tugs participated in this year’s mini-Vous held September 9-11 at Swantown Marina in Olympia. The weekend began with a Thursday night potluck where PANNTOA members got a chance to meet one another and indulge in great food. Throughout the Voux, folks chatted about everything from their favorite anchorages to tips and product recommendations for maintenance. Several folk gathered for an impromptu “Furuno Support group,” swapping tales of trials and tribulations.  

Friday morning started with a gentle four mile walk around Capital Lake with stops for coffee at the local coffee roaster, Dancing Goats (coffee shop not petting zoo) and a visit to the Olympia Farmers Market.  


Highlighting Friday afternoon was a Croquet Tournament that at times, got very competitive. Everyone drew for partners which resulted in fun, laughter and cheering. Seven teams competed for the top prize of wine and chocolate. But in the end, 1st place went to Carter Barns and Carol White. Mike Young and Barb Hartley came in a close second.  


A barbecue Friday evening and a continental breakfast Saturday wrapped up the weekend festivities. Good boating stories were shared and lasting friendships made with the hopes of seeing each other on the waters soon. PANNTOA hopes to offer more mini-Vous’ in the future and would welcome volunteers to host these type of gatherings.  

Check out the related forum post for more photos!

Commodore's Corner

March 18, 2020 - Greetings Fellow Tuggers! Your Board held a meeting on March 10th to discuss the upcoming Rendezvous as well as the Corona Virus outbreak and its potential impacts. We held very long and thoughtful discussions and had hoped to continue planning for the rendezvous. However, over the past week, due to the rapid and dramatic changes in the growth of the outbreak, it became obvious that we needed to cancel to protect your health, well-being, and safety. Most of you have probably already seen my statement on the web site addressing this. The plan for the 2021 rendezvous is to continue at the Sydney location, if available, using the plans already completed.  
We also discussed the upcoming officer lineup for the 2020-2021 slate of officers. The following have all agreed to continue in our respective positions: Myself (Commodore), Doug Ford (Vice Commodore/Secretary), Chris Sodeman (Membership Director), and Mike Young (Communications Director). These are pending approval by the membership at our General Meeting (time and place TBD). [Read more]


Did You Know

2019 Rendezvous Registration Now Open!

Welcome New Members

Home port: Gig Harbor, WA; Boat name: Restless; Boat length: 32

Robert Saunders

Home port: Bellingham, WA; Boat name: Luna; Boat length: 44

Nelson Bright

Home port: Everett, WA; Boat name: Polaris; Boat length: 32

Mark Malnes

Home port: Edmonds, WA; Boat name: Nord Lys; Boat length: 37

Mark Heilala

Home port: Poulsbo, WA; Boat name: Sea Stars; Boat length: 37

Stewart Chersky

Home port: Portland; Boat name: Endeavor; Boat length: 32

Ron & Judy Odenheimer
Ed Kish

Home port: Seattle; Boat name: Whiskey Mama; Boat length: 37

Ryan & Sara Cassidy

Home port: Lopez Island; Boat name: Willemoes; Boat length: 26

Povl Lasbo

Home port: Vancouver; Boat name: Ancient Murrelet; Boat length: 42

Reinhard Baildon

Home port: Ladner, BC; Boat name: Pilitak; Boat length: 37

Henk Visser

Home port: San Diego; Boat name: ILionspaw; Boat length: 40

Charles Owsley

Home port: Juneau; Boat name: Sidekick; Boat length: 32

Rex Thompson

Home port: Oak Harbor; Boat name: Una Mas; Boat length: 37

Gene Scott

Home port: Whittier; Boat name: John Hunter; Boat length: 37

George Rhyneer

Home port: Bellingham; Boat name: Merlin; Boat length: 32

Steve Racich

Home port: Anacortes; Boat name: Seasprite; Boat length: 32

Bill & Sue Sampson

PaNNTOA Burgess For Sale

PaNNTOA burgess are $35, check or cash, available for pickup in Anacortes or mailed directly to you. Please email Mike Russell,

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