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2019 Rendezvous Agenda Update

2019 Rendezvous Agenda Update

The 2019 Rendezvous Agenda is established, and we are going to spend quality time on fire prevention, maintenance procedures & items to stock on your boat. We’ll even handle how to go back and forth with Customs between Canada and the U.S efficiently on your tug. Three evening meals, two breakfasts and one lunch are being provided along with an opportunity to have a Coast Guard Auxiliary safety check, marine technician appointment specific to your interests/concern and first mate training to improve our skills. All available as part of your registration fee.

We’ll have our usual auction, this year to support needy students wishing to go to the Skagit Valley College, Marine Technician Program. Auction items will include free 2-night moorage gift certificates for marinas from the South Sound (Tacoma/Gig Harbor) to the north in BC (Blind Channel, Dent Island and Heriot Bay) plus other surprise items.

Our vendors will offer multiple discounts and offers, some new products such as the Rainman, water-maker, 31 GPH portable or installed and other deals worth considering. If you visit all our vendors, you will be entered into a special drawing, held at the end of the evening.

Whoever answers the most trivia questions correctly over the course of the rendezvous will also win a surprise. Hint: Better bone up on authors writing about adventure on the high seas and other Nordic Tug Facts.

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Welcome to the New PaNNTOA Website

Dear PaNNTOA Members,

Welcome to the new PaNNTOA website. We believe you will find it easier to use, far more comprehensive in capability and provide you with new tools and accessories similar to what you find on other popular websites. Please surf around and give us your feedback.


Greg Kleven
PaNNTOA Commodore


PANNTOA Rendezvous 2019

PaNNTOA Rendezvous 2019

The Seattle and Vancouver boat shows are past, so the time has come again to think about boating and summer and Panntoa!

The rendezvous is scheduled for Anacortes again, the weekend of the Waterfront Festival-with arrival(s) Thursday, May 30th through departure(s)Sunday, June 2nd. We are starting to put together an exciting lineup already, including Customs Officers from BOTH Canada and the US to answer all your questions about multiple topics such as the Canadian-US Nexus card program, the new US online small vessel reporting system (SVRS) app and more! Keep tuned in as we will be sharing more over the next few weeks.

On a more serious note however, if you ‘ve ever been to a rendezvous before and enjoyed it, if you are looking forward to coming this May because of the good things you’ve heard, we need to talk! Your Commodore, Treasurer, Rendezvous chair, Membership chair and others are all taking a break after this rendezvous and are planning to start enjoying the rendezvous and other business functions from a distance, effective June 1st, end of day.

So what does this mean for every PANNTOA member going forward? It means it’s time to step up! It means it’s time to volunteer while you have the current team in place to share that “tribal knowledge” that could be helpful in the future. It means it’s time for a new administration. So PLEASE, Please, please …. Consider volunteering for the future of PANNTOA.
PLEASE, Please, please send either Greg Kleven ( or myself, Sam Stone ( a note if you are even thinking about it. Either one of us is happy to answer questions and this couldn’t be a better time to shadow us so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

2018 Rendezvous Pictures

2018 PaNNTOA Rendezvous Slideshow


Does your out-of-state Tug need an AIS Prevention Permit?

A few Tuggers operating in The Puget Sound and Salish Sea May need to obtain AIS Prevention permits.

New for 2018 – Washington State Aquatic Invasive Species Permit for Out-of-State Boaters–Who Needs the AIS Prevention Permit?

Operators of recreational vessels not registered in Washington, seaplane operators, and commercial transporters of watercraft are required to purchase an AIS Prevention Permit. Operators should carry the permit on the vessel at all times. Permits can be obtained online or at any Fish and Wildlife license dealer. Online purchased permits are mailed, and you can print a temporary permit which is good for 10 days. Permits are valid for one year from date of activation.

The following are exempt from the required permit:

•Operators of most out-of-state watercraft and floatplanes, as well as commercial transporters of watercraft, are now required to purchase an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Permit from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW). The $24 permit ($20 permit + $4 fee) can be purchased online or at any WDFW license sales location throughout the state. Watercraft registered in the State of Washington automatically pay an annual fee as part of their registration and therefore do not need to separately purchase a permit; a valid Washington State registration sticker is proof of payment.

•Vessels registered in Washington (recreational vessels with a valid WA State registration);
•Small watercraft (from Washington or out-of-state) that do not require state or country registration such as canoes and kayaks;
•Watercraft registered as “tenders” to larger boats;
•Vessels registered in Idaho or Oregon, when being used in shared state waters (private recreational unless otherwise registered);
•S. and foreign commercial vessels (with valid commercial marine documentation as a vessel of the U.S. or a foreign country);
•Private and commercial vessels being transported overland by a commercial transporter (a permit is required by the commercial transporter only);
•Military vessels owned by the U.S. government; and
•Vessels owned by any federal, tribal, state, or local government agency or other public entities, and used primarily for governmental purposes.

For more information and the complete article seethe following link: or

Read more

2019 Rendezvous Registration Now Open!

Welcome New Members

Home Port: Anacortes, WA   Boat Name: Airship   Hull #: 42-076

Laura Domela

Home Port: La Conner, WA   Boat Name: Triple Crown  Hull #: 32-174

Chuck Hansen

Home Port: Seattle, WA   Boat Name: Safe Harbour   Hull #: 37-15

Sam Landsman

Home Port: Prosser, WA   Boat Name: Seaforth   Hull #: 26-086

Kevin Corliss
Steve Countryman

Home Port: Ladner, BC    Boat Name: Twilight Time   Hull #: 32-261

Gary Jones

Home Port: Juneau, AK   Boat Name: Tug Boat Annie

Jim Orr

Home Port: Oak Harbor, WA   Boat Name: Anita Marie

Fred Young

Member Benefits

We believe your $30/year membership will maximize your enjoyment of your Nordic Tugs and enhance your ownership experiences. PaNNTOA members provide assistance by sharing ideas, cruising information and local knowledge, as well as by enjoying social activities with other association members.

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PaNNTOA Board Members for 2018-2019

  • Commodore - Greg Kleven
  • Vice Commodore - Colin Coe
  • Rear Commodore/Treasurer - Carter Barnes
  • Membership Director - Chris Sodeman
  • Rendezvous Director - Sam Stone
  • Director Information Technology - SuAnn Stone/Michael Brown
  • Communications Director - Mike Young

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