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Seattle Yachts is the NEW Nordic Tug Dealer & Service Center! August 3, 2020 - Seattle Yachts has been chosen as a Nordic tug dealer by the factory. This is both exciting for the factory as well as our Panntoa Members. They look forward to building a strong relationship and support with us. Cory Gracey, the general manager for Seattle Yachts, who some of you may remember from his past employment at the Nordic Tug factory as sales and relationships manager, is very excited to begin working again with Nordic Tug. I will keep you informed of Seattle Yachts commitment to Panntoa as more information becomes available.  

Gary White  


Commodore's Corner

June 17, 2020 - Welcome to Summer Tuggers!  

Carole and I are sitting here on Last Splash (in the rain!) reflecting on the past few days that would’ve been our 2020 Rendezvous in Sydney B.C. Although we certainly missed seeing all of our fellow Tuggers, the weather in Sydney last weekend would have made for a very wet experience! We look forward to making a great rendezvous for next year and are counting on the weather gods to cooperate.  

I would like to give a big shout out and thanks to our two outgoing board members, Carter Barnes and Robbin Young. Carter has done a good job keeping track of all your money and managing the financial requirements of the organization. Robbin has been influential in implementing change and development in the website, identifying problems and documenting processes that were difficult to track down. Her efforts show in the increased activity and functionality in the website. Thanks to both of you for volunteering your time and efforts to make PANNTOA a better organization.  

I would like to thank all who participated in the Proxy Vote for 2020. This virtual voting is now closed and you can find a recap of the results in Doug Ford’s 2020 General Meeting Minutes.  

Please give a hearty welcome aboard to our two new incoming board members. Mike Russell has been voted in as our new Rear Commodore/Treasurer. Although with his boat named MT Pockets, we may have to keep a close eye on the bank account (JUST KIDDING Mike). Sandra Piotrowski is assuming the Web Director position and has already been hard at work identifying additional processes and possibilities for continued improvement of the website. I look forward to working with them as well as our continuing board members; Doug Ford, Mike Young, Chris Sodeman and Jeff Brein. Mike’s and Sandra’s Bios can be found on the website under the About Us/Current PaNNTOA Officers menu.  

As I sit here composing this, we are seeing boating opportunities opening again for us to get out and enjoy our boats. The one question still to be answered is whether the US/Canada border will open in time for summer cruising, although at this point in time, it looks unlikely. Carole and I are usually gone all of July/August cruising and fishing in the Broughtons. This year we had planned to cover some new territory, going as far north as Rivers Inlet, Shearwater and Ocean Falls. We have begun talking about how we can enjoy summer cruising closer to home. We are going to take a positive approach and use it as an opportunity to seek out those smaller places, out-of-the-way spots or anchorages we’ve never visited in the San Juans. There is also a lot of great cruising in the Sound Sound area as well that present many opportunities that we haven’t explored for years. I hope we will see you out on the water as well! And finally, some great news from the Nordic Tug factory. I had a conversation with Dave Allen last Friday. They expect to reopen at full workforce this week and they have a bunch of new boat orders! He told me they have six IMC boats in the queue and one new 40 foot Nordic Tug as well. This is in addition to the four Nordic Tugs they were working on prior to COVID-19 shutdown. It seems that people may be trading their luxury vacation or international destinations for local boating opportunities. That, of course, is excellent news for the factory and for us as well as we continue to support the NT brand.  

Safe Cruising!  

Gary White, PaNNTOA Commodore

Stay up to Date on COVID-19 Closures April 5, 2020 - The status of Salish Sea marinas, docks and marine parks in BC and Washington is in a state of flux as the worsening COVID-19 crisis changes conditions daily, sometimes hourly. Salish Sea Pilot has been contacting marinas from the Broughtons to Puget Sound to identify which are accepting transient visitors and, if they are, what services are available once those boaters tie up. Watch The Salish Sea Pilot Covid-19 page for updates. Additionally, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has updated their regulations.
Check out updated helpful links March 30, 2020 - Look over in the right-hand column on this page. (If you’re using a tablet or phone, look towards the bottom of the page.) See the list of helpful links? Based on the pages you visit the most on the site we tracked down sites you may not have heard about. Boats for sale and maintenance topics are particularly popular. Some of the content isn’t directly Nordic Tug related, and some is newer than others. But we found value in each of the sites and hope you do too. Drop us a note in the forum with feedback on these links and suggestions for more we should add.
Get inside info: download Nordic Tug tip sheets February 25, 2020 - One of the best reasons to belong to PaNNTOA is the opportunity to learn "inside information" about your boat. Thanks to the Nordic Tug Factory and Wilde Yacht Sales for providing four tip sheets for Nordic owners. These PDF files contain a variety of tips, some are duplicated across the sheets and some are more current than others. So be sure to download all of them. In addition to safety, seamanship, and boat maintenance advice, you'll learn how to deal with sticky windows and why vinegar is good and Windex with ammonia is bad. Who knew? [learn more]


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