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Commodore – Jeff Redmond

Jeff Redmond is a retired Police Officer from Nevada with over 20 years of service. In the summers, Jeff spent time fishing and sight-seeing in Alaska aboard a friend’s Nordic Tug 26. After spending years in the Alaskan waters on the Nordic 26 he knew that he wanted a Nordic Tug of his own.

Jeff retired in 2019 and his dreams brought him to the San Juan Islands where he found God’s Grace, a 1997 42 Nordic Tug. He spends his summers in the San Juan’s and winters in Nevada. He looks forward to meeting more Nordic owners and hopes to cruise to Alaska in the near future.

You can reach him at:

Vice Commodore


Vice Commodore – Paul Bulk

Paul grew up cruising in the Pacific Northwest aboard his parents’ sailboat but always admired Nordic Tugs and their ability to go like… one knot faster. For the last 20 years or so, he has been helping to run the family cut flower farm in Brentwood Bay, BC. At 41 years old, he is likely the youngest ever board member.

Living in the best cruising grounds in the world inspired Paul and his wife, Elaine, to come up with a 5 year plan to own a boat. 2 months later they bought Crown Prince, a 32 located in Ketchikan. A very complicated, lengthy and expensive process brought the boat to Rupert where his father and crew transported it to Vancouver Island.

Many memories have been made and more await as Paul and Elaine drag their 3 children all over the Gulf Islands and beyond his dream vessel.

You can reach him at:

Rear Commodore/Treasurer


Treasurer – Debbie Kochel

Debbie Kochel recently retired from the Boone and Crockett Club (accountant) in Missoula, MT. She and her husband Jim have been married for 39 years and are looking forward to the next 5-10 years living aboard their Nordic Tug 39, “Miss Marlie”. They will be in Washington waters until March and then off to Canada and Alaska.

How in the world did two landlubbers end up as liveaboards? They planned on buying some waterfront property in Montana after retirement. During covid home prices skyrocketed and they quickly realized that dream was no longer possible. Looking back, they are grateful as that led them to where they are now. If you see them out and about, stop by and say hello!

You can reach the PaNNTOA Treasurer at:

Membership Director

Membership Director – Christopher Kirk

Chris and his wife, Janet Stanford, started sailing in Seattle in the 1980s, and over several decades owned several sail and power boats.  The constraints of two professional careers and raising a family kept pushing boating into the background until Chris retired recently after almost 40 years operating a consulting business as an architect and construction project manager, and Janet retired from cancer research.

In 2018 they bought a Nordic Tug 32, “Neverland,” joined PaNNTOA, and attended several rendezvous.  Recently they traded up to an NT37, “Starfish,” and are looking forward to meeting other Nordic Tug lovers and discovering new cruising grounds.

You can reach the PaNNTOA Membership Director at:

Christopher Kirk





Communications Director

Communications Director – Denise Nichols

Denise Nichols and her husband Russ own a 1998 – 32 foot Nordic Tug “All R Nichols “.  We used to joke that we would buy a Nordic if we ever won the Lottery.  The problem was that we never bought any tickets.

However, after selling our house in Selah in 2016 and moving to Green Valley, AZ to retire, we needed a place to escape the hot summers.  A tug seemed like the perfect solution.  “All R Nichols” is our second home from May through September.  Our home port is Swantown in Olympia.  Russ likes to tell people that we like to stay “within the 60-80 degree comfort zone.”  When the weather gets cold at the end of September, we close up the boat and head down to Arizona.  When not out boating, we spend our time biking and visiting with family and friends.

On the docks, people are always saying how much they like the Nordics.  Some have told us that we were living their dream by spending the winters in the desert and summers boating Puget Sound.  Yes, we are living our dream.

You can reach her at:

Rendezvous Director

Rendezvous Director – Gerry Guertin

Gerry has been a PANNTOA Member since he purchased NT 37-036 in 2017.  Barb (his better half) and he have enjoyed cruising the Salish Sea and have traveled as far north as the Broughton Islands.   These trips have included visits to three Nordic Tug Rendezvous and several “mini-vous” as well.  Gerry says It is his  pleasure this year to be the Rendezvous Director for the 2024 Nordic Tug Rendezvous and he looks forward to planning it.  Please feel free to contact him with any questions or comments at

Website Director

Website Director – Michael Brown

Websites are only as good as the content and accessibility. If you have suggestions or questions about the PaNNTOA website, please send Jeff a note.

You can reach Jeff at:

Commodore’s Corner – March 2020

Greetings Fellow Tuggers!

Your Board held a meeting on March 10th to discuss the upcoming Rendezvous as well as the Corona Virus outbreak and its potential impacts. We held very long and thoughtful discussions and had hoped to continue planning for the rendezvous. However, over the past week, due to the rapid and dramatic changes in the growth of the outbreak, it became obvious that we needed to cancel to protect your health, well-being, and safety. Most of you have probably already seen my statement on the web site addressing this. The plan for the 2021 rendezvous is to continue at the Sydney location, if available, using the plans already completed.

We also discussed the upcoming officer lineup for the 2020-2021 slate of officers. The following have all agreed to continue in our respective positions: Myself (Commodore), Doug Ford (Vice Commodore/Secretary), Chris Sodeman (Membership Director), and Mike Young (Communications Director). These are pending approval by the membership at our General Meeting (time and place TBD).

Jeff Brein has agreed to continue in a position of Rendezvous Co-Director, with the understanding that we will recruit an additional Rendezvous Co-Director to assist with the 2021 rendezvous planning, then transition to full Rendezvous Director the following year. This approach provides the opportunity for a new candidate to work closely with Jeff, who has ample experience with rendezvous planning.

The following board member changes are upcoming:
• Carter Barnes (Rear Commodore/Treasurer) has asked to be replaced and will resign at the end of his term.
• Robbin Young (Web Director) has asked to be replaced and will resign at the end of her term.

I strongly believe that having board members identified and in place prior to the General Meeting is important for the effectiveness of the position and for the benefit of the membership. I am asking you to consider filling one of these positions:
• Rear Commodore/Treasurer
• Rendezvous Co-Director
• Web Director (discussions are underway with a possible candidate)

If you have an interest in one of these positions, and/or especially if you have some skill associated with them, please contact me or one of the other Board members. You can read the respective job descriptions by going to the PaNNTOA web site; click on Officers/Job Descriptions.
Spring is upon us and so begins another cruising season. This winter’s weather made it challenging for most of us to get out but I’m sure we’re all looking forward to getting some fresh air and salt water in our faces! And a respite from our chaotic world right now will certainly be welcome.

Spring is a good time to check and update your safety equipment including:
• Expiration dates on flares
• EPIRB batteries and registration renewal
• Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries
• Auto-inflate mechanisms on inflatable life jackets

Safe Cruising!

Gary White
PaNNTOA Commodore

Rendezvous Cancellation Notice

I had hoped to be writing this notice to share with you the exciting plans that Jeff Brein has done for our Rendezvous in June. He was well on his way to creating a great event for us all. The Board has been monitoring the corona virus situation closely over the past several weeks. We initially thought that we could continue the planning process in hopes that the outbreak would subside before June. It has always been our priority to make a decision that would keep the membership safe and healthy.

With many discussions over the past several days, the Board unanimously agreed with my recommendation to cancel the event. This decision was affirmed with the announcement by Governor Inslee on Sunday night, that events with more than 50 people should be cancelled. Restaurants and other entertainment venues have been ordered closed. It seems very clear that cancelling our rendezvous was the only logical choice.

Jeff Brein has done an outstanding job in planning for our event in Sidney B. C., and has agreed to continue that process for the 2021 Rendezvous. We haven’t yet secured that venue for 2021, but that is the current plan. All of his planning will transition into next years event.

We know that some of you will be disappointed, but also anticipate that many of you will be expecting this news. I want to thank the Board members for all their insight and wise counsel in helping to make this decision.

If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to me at

PaNNTOA Commodore