Last Call: Galley Chef Recipe Contest

It’s a “piece of cake,” folks!

You still have a week to enter your recipe before the April 30 deadline.


Just post a recipe you like here on the PANNTOA website –

  • It’s easy. The link above takes you to the instructions – there aren’t many. And if you have any questions, Sandra Piotrowski, our Web Director, will be happy to coach you –

Why enter?

  • For the joy of sharing with other Nordic Tuggers – your emotional reward.
  • For one of these great prizes – your tangible reward.
  • Your odds of winning are way higher than most contests you’ll ever have a chance to enter – at the moment, only 6 recipes vying for these 3 prizes:


Commodore-crafted custom cutting board + PANNTOA chef’s apron


1-volume Galley Library >>800+ recipes ingredient substitutions, fresh seafood tips


PaNNTOA Tote Bag embroidered logo

Watercraft Excise Tax UPDATE!

Breaking News: Last week, the Senate Transportation Committee unanimously voted to remove the 100% increase to the Watercraft Excise Tax. You made your voice heard and they listened!

To borrow from the update our friends at the Recreational Boating Association of Washington sent out:  “This is a tribute to all of YOU and the power of grass-roots advocacy and recreational boaters making their voice heard.  Using the Action Alert put together by the Recreational Boating Association of Washington (RBAW) and the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA), more than 5,000 of you sent over 17,000 messages to lawmakers throughout Washington State, urging removal of a doubling of this tax.”

If you have a moment, please send in an additional thank-you email to your state Senators. Like with the last alert, we have pre-written the message for you so all you have to is to hit “send”.

Click the link below to log in and send your message: <>

Club Burgees Now Available!

PaNNTOA burgees are now available for purchase for the price of a nice breakfast. A mere $35, check or cash only, and you too can be one of the cool kids. Your burgee can be picked up in Anacortes or mailed directly to you. To order (burgee, not breakfast), please email Mike Russell


Dear RBAW Affiliated Yacht Clubs,


On Monday afternoon, we learned that the State Senate Transportation Committee would be proposing to double the Watercraft Excise Tax paid by boaters, as one revenue source among many to pay for a new transportation revenue package.


While we understand the need for the state to invest in transportation infrastructure, it is extremely unfair to double the Watercraft Excise Tax. We boaters are already the only users of the state’s roadways, waterways, and air space to pay a percentage-based excise tax to the state. Cars don’t pay that to the state anymore, and neither do motor homes, planes, or helicopters. Doubling a tax on the one group paying a percentage tax to the state that no one else is, is completely wrong.


Northwest Marine Trade Association CEO George Harris and I strongly objected to this proposal at a Senate Transportation hearing this morning – where we only had 30 seconds to testify.  Click below to view our testimony:


Bob Wise, RBAW President Testimony


George Harris, NMTA President Testimony


RBAW and the NMTA are teaming up on an Action Alert to all boaters this evening. The legislative session ends on April 25 which is in just 19 days, so we need you to act now and use your voice to object.  We urge you to contact your lawmakers right away and tell them that you do not support this tax increase – to do this you can click on the link below to access the VoterVoice system.  It will prompt you to enter your name and address and will send your Senator and State Representatives a message that you do not support this tax increase.


Click HERE to Object to this Increase


If you have questions please contact Andrea Pierantozzi, RBAW VP Administration or Doug Levy, RBAW Lobbyist.


Thank you, and please act now.

Bob Wise

RBAW President