Commodore’s Corner – March 2022

Greetings PaNNTOA Members!

The time for our Rendezvous and General Meeting is rapidly approaching. This required annual meeting is where we install new officers and board members for PaNNTOA. The majority of our board members will be leaving this year and will need to be replaced. During Covid, it has been difficult to meet most of you in person, so I am writing with this request for your support and would ask you to volunteer for one of these positions.

I will be leaving as Commodore after serving three years. The Commodore position will be vacant and available effective June 3.

Doug Ford will be vacating the Vice Commodore position after serving 2 1/2 years. This position will also be available effective June 3.

Mike Russell will be vacating the Rear Commodore position after serving two years. Stu Clark, a new member who recently joined PaNNTOA after purchasing a Nordic Tug 39, has volunteered to assume the Rear Commodore position effective June 3. Thank you Stu!

Mark Malnes has offered to stay another year as Membership Director and Denise Nichols has offered to stay as Communications Director. Thank you Mark and Denise!

Sandra Piotrowski will be leaving the Web Director position after serving 2 years. That will need to be filled in June as well.

Jeff Brein, Rendezvous Director, will finish planning, organizing and executing our rendezvous and his time after three years on the Board will be ending at the conclusion of the rendezvous.

These are all key positions that are necessary for the successful continuation of the PaNNTOA organization. I sincerely thank those who have volunteered both current and past, and encourage you to consider one of these positions. The Job Descriptions are available for your review on the website under About Us/Job Descriptions.

To recap – Positions being vacated
Vice Commodore
Web Director
Rendezvous Director

If you have questions regarding these positions or are ready to volunteer now, you can contact any one of these officers including myself, by email or phone to discuss details.  Contact information is available on the website under About Us/Current PaNNTOA Officers.

I look forward to your support and the continuation of a great organization!  To ensure a smooth transition, it would be ideal to have new volunteers identified well before the vote at the General Meeting.

Gary White<br>
PaNNTOA Commodore