Now Hear This!

I hope everyone has had a great summer cruising season. Long term forecasts, worth every penny we pay for them, are promising a beautiful fall cruising season. And what better way to kick off fall, than to attend a Nordic Tug mini-Rendezvous. Gerry G. reports a dozen boats have already signed up for the fall mini-vous in Kingston and there’s still room for more. Be sure to check out the PaNNTOA website for the plans for this event being held September 23rd to 25th. Kindly RSVP Gerry by September 10th if you plan to attend.
Keep snapping away your amazing cruising pictures as the PaNNTOA photo contest is just around the corner with the submission period being November 1 through 30th. As long as there’s a Nordic Tug, or at least a piece of one, somewhere in the photo, you’re good to go. More details for the contest will be posted in the next month or so.
The newly elected PaNNTOA Board conducted its first meeting in August. The Board is firmly in cahoots, or rather deeply in agreement, about plans, priorities, and events. Jeff Redmond, our Vice-Commodore, has picked up the Web Director baton from Sandra Piotrowski. Jeff and I are working with the Board on significant updates to the PaNNTOA website.

A suggestion that came from my membership survey letter dealt with having “coffee klatches” at various marinas. These informal get-togethers could happen as often as those participating would like. The concept would be for a PaNNTOA member, at a particular marina, announce to the membership that a “coffee klatch” would be happening on, say, a Saturday at 10 a.m. on dock such-and-such on the host’s boat and all PaNNTOA members at that marina would be welcome to stop by and visit. It would be a “bring-your-own-cup” and whomever was hosting the klatch that time would provide the coffee and PaNNTOA would reimburse the host for the coffee and sundries.

Sue (your Rear Commodore/Treasurer) and I are in Buffalo, Wyoming tonight on an RV roadtrip to Madison, Wisconsin otherwise we would volunteer Emmy Lou III to be the host boat to get things started. Are any of you reading this interested and willing to be a host boat in the upcoming months? If you are, please let me know.
Stay safe and remember to take pictures!
Stu Clark
Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association