Notice of Annual Meeting Proxy Vote

Greetings Tuggers!

I hope this finds you all well and healthy! As you know the annual rendezvous has been canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This presents us with a unique challenge in holding our General Meeting, including voting for our board and approving meeting minutes and financial reports. Because we can’t do this in person this year, the Board has decided to hold a proxy vote.

On June 8, 2020 our Vice Commodore Doug Ford will send you an email ballot. It will include the candidates for the Executive Board and Directors for the 2020/2021 year for you to vote on, as well as website links to this year’s financial reports and last year’s general meeting minutes for you to review and approve. You must be a current Nordic Tug owner and a PaNNTOA member in good standing for your vote to count. You have until the end of June 15, 2020 to reply, at which time we will declare the General Meeting closed. We’ll post results on the website after June 15.

We realize that this is not business as usual but feel a strong obligation to comply with our bylaws and meet our member’s expectations as best as we can. We look forward to the resumption of normal boating activities and seeing all of you at next year’s Rendezvous as this crisis passes.


Gary White, Commodore

Follow Gammel Dansk on the Great Loop

If you haven’t seen it, check out this Forum Post. Thanks to PaNNTOA member Dan Stroeing for sharing this amazing story about how he, his wife Mary, and Tori the Seeing Eye Dog joined the America’s Great Loop Cruiser’s Association (AGLCA) and tackled the Great Loop in a 25-foot Nordic Tug. Here’s how the story begins:

Start in August 2018 and follow us down the Mississippi, up the Ohio River, and on into the Tennessee Tombigbee waterway to Mobile Alabama. Then go across the Gulf of Mexico, down the Florida Gulf Coast, across Lake Okeechobee to the Atlantic coast. Next, go marina hopping all the way to New York City and on up the Hudson River to the Erie Canal. From there, head on to Buffalo New York and over to Lake Erie then up the St. Claire River, to Detroit then on to Lake Huron to Cheboygan Michigan, where we put the boat into winter storage.

The Gammel Dansk blog gives you a great sense of what it’s like to cruise the loop in a Nordic Tug and the kinds of things you’ll see along the way. It’s fun, educational, and a quick read. Just click through the dates in the right column of the blog home page. Enjoy! Go to the blog