Webinar Alert, Wednesday, March 27 at 1900!

We are excited to be offering another informative webinar, exclusive to PaNNTOA members! Jeffrey Ferguson from the NOAA Office of Ocean Survey will be taking time from his busy schedule as CA, OR and WA Navigation Manager to guide us through the use of the NOAA Custom Chart Maker. With this web-based application, users can create custom charts of any area they wish and print it at home or at one of the available printing companies in a larger format. As you may know, NOAA is phasing out the supply of paper charts so don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the new ENC format!

The link to the zoom meeting can be found here, and there is a link available on the “Events” page of the PaNNTOA website. The video will also be available after on the PaNNTOA YouTube channel.

Mark your calendar and plan to Zoom!

Dock Talks

Who is the smartest person you know? Another Nordic Tug owner? You? Of course we are smart, we bought the best boats around. So, when it comes to learning about these boats or cruising in general, we believe some of the best people to learn from are other owners. That is why the PaNNTOA Rendezvous this year will include “Dock Talks”, an opportunity to get detailed information about a particular topic from another owner. And this is where you come in. We are looking for suggestions for topics you are interested in as well as volunteers to speak to a smallish group. So, if you have something nifty you would like to share or something you would like to learn about, please send an email to Paul at vicecommodore@panntoa.com

Save the Date
June 6-8, 2024
2024 Nordic Tug Rendezvous
Cap Sante Marina
Anacortes, WA

Be prepared to get to know your fellow Nordic Tug owners like never before! Learn how to upgrade and care for your beloved tug from your fellow PaNNTOA members and industry experts.

Socialize at meals each morning and evening with plenty of fun and frivolity in between. All of our boats will be moored together to create a true “Nordic Village “ on the docks during this 3-day event.

More details and information to follow when we open the event registration on March 15th for current PaNNTOA members. We look forward to seeing you in June.

Gerry Guertin
Rendezvous Chair


JUST A REMINDER…..We have contacted Mike Beemer from Skagit Valley Community College and plan on offering our members an opportunity to attend a private 10 hour seminar for PaNNTOA members only. This will take place at the Marine Center in Anacortes. Class will be Sunday, June 9 for 6 hours and Monday June 10 for 4 hours. Exact schedule to be determined. There will be a tuition cost for this class. Please email commodore@panntoa.com to let us know you are interested. Class space will be limited, don’t delay.

Honoring Ray Carpenter

Dear PaNNTOA Members,

We have been asked to share with you the sad news of the passing of Ray Carpenter, long-time Harbormaster at Kingston Marina. Some of you enjoyed the Mini-Vous at Kingston that Gerry & Barb (Spree) hosted at Kingston a little over a year ago. Ray not only ran the marina but he was always a welcoming host for us Puget Sound boaters – matching his welcoming words with hands-on help for visiting boaters. That was certainly true of our PaNNTOA Mini-Vous.

Ray has just passed away after a tough battle with brain cancer. As you can imagine, his wife, Maria, is coping with a pile of medical expenses.

We are including a link to a GoFundMe page so that you all have an opportunity to help the family if you so wish. For the Kingston boaters, Ray will be greatly missed.
Use link below to donate to the family

January 2024 Newsletter – PaNNTOA E’Blast

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Did you know our Board meets almost monthly to discuss the happenings of our organization? During these meetings we talk about what matters to all of us…CRUISING ON OUR NORDICS…..Everything from how to welcome new members to planning the annual Rendevous. We talk about how to keep up with technology on the website and forums to share information for “How To” projects.

I know we have members that live aboard year round and constantly think about boating while others are able to winterize their boats and go on to other hobbies over the winter. I think it would be safe to say that we are all looking forward to Spring and Summer so that we can get on the water and spend time on our Nordics. Over these winter months we encourage members to stay connected by going on the website and checking out Forums or seeing other events listed on the site. We have a few events in the works and I would ask you to read below for information about the up coming Seattle Boat Show as well as a “save the date” for the 2024 Rendezvous. I will be at the Boat Show helping with the Seattle Yachts on Saturday, February 3, 2024, on the water. Please come by and say hello if you are there. I look forward to seeing everyone during the 2024 cruising season.
Jeff Redmond, Commodore

A Working Board

His first year as Vice Commodore, Paul Bulk is excited to get to work with the team to bring members a packed PaNNTOA experience. The main highlight is of course the rendezvous which promises to be an interactive, informative and delicious event! We will be building on the successes of past ‘vous and making some additions thanks to the feedback from the last event’s survey. Other goals for the year are some changes to the website, a mini ‘vous or two and information webinars. Paul says that in addition to cruising our local Salish Sea waters, he looks forward to a family trip up the Sunshine Coast. He hopes to see you out there!

Membership Matters

Greetings from Debbie Kochel, PaNNTOA Membership Director. Currently there are 155 active members hailing from 20 states and provinces. The majority are from Washington and British Columbia. out of 155 members, 18 are associate members; those are folks who have either previously owned a Nordic Tug or are interested in purchasing one. The NT32 is the most popular model followed closely by the NT37. Our membership ebbs and flows as boats are sold and purchased; we have maintained roughly the same numbers over the years. Our goal is to increase our membership. In light of that goal, we have designed a card for members to hand out while cruising to personally invite NT owners to join PaNNTOA. These cards will be available at the Seattle Boat Show and at the 2024 Rendezvous in Anacortes. In case you are interested, here is a breakdown of Nordic Tug Models owned by our members:

NT32 – 49
NT37 – 40
NT42 – 25
NT26 – 14
NT40 – 5
NT39 – 5
NT34 – 4
NT54 – 2
NT50 – 1

PaNNTOA’s Finances

A big “thank you” to Angelo Muzzin who has served as Finance Director this past year. PaNNTOA sponsored a memorable Rendezvous in Sidney, BC and made significant improvements to the website. In addition, PaNNTOA received financial support from the NT Factory, Seattle Yachts and Philbrook’s. PaNNTOA’s bottom line decreased this past year due to higher expenses for the Rendezvous and website improvements. At the end of 2023, PaNNTOA’s reserve was approximately $13,000.

At the 2023 Annual meeting in Anacortes, members voted to increase yearly dues to $60. This is the first dues increase in many years. Also discussed and approved was increasing the registration fee for the 2024 Rendezvous to more accurately reflect actual costs for the event. These changes will help provide more stable finances to support PaNNTOA into the future. We welcome your thoughs on this matter.

Last But Certainly Not Least… Rendezvous 2024

Gerry Guertin, Rendezvous Director, has been working diligently to provide an outstanding event to PaNNTOA members. SAVE THE DATE and make your plans to attend the 2024 PaNNTOA Rendezvous at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes June 6, 7 and 8.

The goal this year will be to share information on the “Care and Feeding” of your beloved Nordic Tug. We hope you will share your favorite fixes and upgrades while you get to view and experience what others have done. Industry experts will also be available to help answer questions and give advice.

We will present opportunities to cruise with fellow Tuggers and increase your confidence level while exploring our US and BC cruising grounds. (Lots of us plan to head north after the rendezvous.)

Our fleet will all be moored in close proximity, so you can get to know other PaNNTOA members while socializing, playing games and sharing good meals!

In February, we will reach out to you with more details and the opportunity to register for the event. Watch for our February E’Blast.

Seattle International Boat Show

The Seattle International Boat Show will be happening on Friday February 2nd through Saturday February 10th. Seattle Yachts will be displaying a newly built Nordic Tug 40 at the “On the Water” show at Bell Harbor Marina. Come and See!

Also, Nordic Tugs will have a booth in the east hall of the Exhibition Center, with Dave Allen and crew introducing details about the factory’s new program to provide upgrade and repair services on existing yachts. Should be interesting!

See you at the Boat Show! (FYI, there will be a shuttle running between the Main Show in the exhibition center and the On the Water show.)

September 2023 Newsletter

Happy Fall Everyone!

It’s that time of the year where PNW boaters are wrapping up the summer cruising season and digging into those big fall projects. If you find yourself crammed into an engine compartment or other tug tight spot, hopefully the memories of flat calm days and sun drenched bays will sustain you.
Usually after a few weeks of rain we start thinking and planning for next year’s adventures and the board of PaNNTOA are doing likewise. So here is what’s happened and happening with the association.

Mini Vous 2023: Friday Harbor

We had a fantastic and mostly dry mini rendezvous at Friday Harbor this past September 22-24th. Many thanks to Jeff Redmond for putting it together and to Gerry and Barb for cooking for all of us! Highlights of the weekend were the welcome BBQ, steak dinner and “square table” discussion, where Nordic owners shared their tips and questions with other boaters. This form of discussion was a popular request in the 2023 rendezvous survey so a more formalized version of this will likely be appearing in the 2024 rendezvous. Which brings us to…

PaNNTOA Rendezvous 2024: June 6-9

The date has been set for another exciting rendezvous this year at the lovely and central Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes Washington. This is the PaNNTOA event of the year with a ton of fun, food, learning and tug-ogling. Be sure to mark this on your calendar and spread the word! There will be much more information on this coming your way.

During the Friday Harbor Mini Vous Debbie Kochel volunteered to take over as Membership Director. We would like to thank Mark Malnes for his work as the Director over the last several years and we welcome Debbie to our organization.

Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, please take the time to log into the PaNNTOA website and ensure that your contact information, particularly email address, is up to date so we can keep in touch.

Thank you,



Searching for a slip? Willing to share your slip?

As we cruise this year, many of us will leave our slips empty for months at a time. Slip Share allows members to share their vacant slips with other PaNNTOA members.


Seattle Yachts Service – Labor Discount

Just in time for spring, Seattle Yachts Service is offering PaNNTOA members a 10% discount off labor only. If you have questions, contact Joanie Martin, Seattle Yachts Service Writer, 360-245-1326.

Waggoners Webinar Redux

For those who missed it, and for those who attended and thought, “Hey, knowing which marinas in Canadian waters have closed or changed hands, is a helpful bit of knowledge,” our eminently useful Vice-Commodore Jeff Redmond, recorded Mark Bunzel’s recent PaNNTOA Webinar. It is available for your viewing pleasure HERE

Our thanks again to Mark, from the Waggoner Cruising Guide, for his presentation. Mark reminds us that the Waggoner Guide contains a link for updates made after the 2023 Guide went to press. Just saying…nobody wants to show up at a marina and find a one-eyed cutlass-wielding seagull and no moorage.

Commodore’s Corner – January 2023

Welcome to the 2023 boating season … okay, the very early, armchair cruising part of the season. It’s the ideal time to start knocking documentation and planning items off the checklist. For example, now is the perfect time to check your passport/Nexus card/other trusted traveler program expiration dates. Crossing the border is pretty much back to normal but there is a bit of a back log if you’re applying for any of these programs. Fortunately, there’s still time to get a passport before our 2023 Rendezvous in Sidney, BC, June 1-3. Waggoner Cruising has a great post related to border crossings (both directions).

And speaking of Waggoner, be sure to check out an exclusive PaNNTOA webinar being hosted via Zoom on February 15th. Experienced mariner and author of the Waggoner Cruising Guide, Mark Bunzel, will be giving a seminar on longer cruises in Canadian waters. Whether it’s your first trip or your fifteenth, you’re sure to learn something useful.

Before the bright work needs to be polished and the oil changed, while the weather is less than conducive to relaxed boating, visit the PaNNTOA forum topics. Add a question, answer a question, or just share your $.02. You may have already solved a problem someone else has, or maybe you know the perfect destination for an April shakedown cruise. If you have a question, chances are so does someone else. Please share. Your knowledge and thoughts are valuable and valued.

Stay warm, stay healthy, and we’ll see you on the water soon.

Sandra P., PaNNTOA Commodore (in case you were confusing me with some other commodore)

PaNNTOA Exclusive Waggoner Webinar – Extended Cruising in Canadian Waters

Using the June 2023 PaNNTOA Rendezvous as a jump off to a longer cruise up north? Or just looking for tips on longer cruises? Join us via Zoom on February 15 at 6:30 p.m. PST for a presentation by Mark Bunzel, Editor and Publisher of the annual Waggoner Cruising Guide. In addition, there will be Q&A at the end of the presentation. Zoom information will be found on the PaNNTOA Events tab.

Do you have specific questions? Want to know about marinas, water, fuel, logistics, spares, etc.? Please post your questions on our corresponding PaNNTOA General Chat forum topic. And if you have responses to other member’s questions, please post them too! Mark may adjust his presentation based on the questions posted.

Mark is also co-author of Cruising the Virgin Islands, nautical publisher and distributor at the Waggoner Store, and a long time cruiser and leader of umpty-ump flotillas in the Pacific Northwest and points south. You know the guide is great; be sure to check out the super helpful Waggoner Guide website.

Looking for guides and nautical books? Waggoner is generously extending a *20% discount to Panntoa members. Mention you’re with Panntoa when placing your order to receive discount. (*Note: discount does not apply to bundles as they’ve already been discounted.)

This one hour seminar is a great resource and if you want more, Mark will be teaching a full day seminar, “Cruise to Desolation Sound and Broughtons,” on April 22 at Cruisers College. Mark will also be presenting several seminars at this year’s Seattle Boat Show.