Now Hear This…

First, I want to thank those members of the Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association who took the time to respond to my survey. As your new Commodore, I am interested in knowing what the membership wants and needs from PaNNTOA. The email went out to the “big list” of about 200 email addresses on July 14th. So far, I have received only seven responses to that survey. Interestingly, those responding had very similar comments to my questions.

All seven said that a forum that dealt with cruising with pets would be very helpful. Another survey question that garnered 100% support was having a place where members could post questions regarding their tugs in order to solicit helpful tips and help. I would encourage you to do that when there are times you would like input. A third response that drew 100% support was the desire to know where others are going on the water at particular times. We probably will call that listing “Flash Rallies.” Those get togethers would be impromptu, unsponsored, and simply a way of encouraging some socializing on a small scale.

Right now, we are working on ways to “refresh” the PaNNTOA website and, again, thank you to the seven members who replied. It’s not too late to send me your comments, or just to say hello. I’m always ready to consider member input.

Functioning between the “Flash Rallies” and the annual “Rendezvous” is the “Mini-Rendezvous.” This event was first mentioned at the June Rendezvous and then again last month in my Commodore’s Letter. Time is running out and I would encourage you to come to Kingston in September and have some fun. Gerry Guertin and Barb Hartley are hosting this event and the flyer is below.

Stay Safe!

Stu Clark
Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug Owners Association




Now Hear This…

This is my inaugural message as your new Commodore. I want to express my gratitude to Gary White for his dedication and leadership over the past three years he served PaNNTOA as Commodore. I also want to thank those individuals – his Board, and those that volunteered – in helping with the numerous logistics that keep PaNNTOA afloat.

I plan to email the entire PaNNTOA membership once a month. It won’t be a lengthy email, but one that calls your attention to various things happening within the organization. It will basically be an invitation to go to our website ( for more details on those updates if you are interested.

In order to serve our organization, I would like to ask you some questions and when you have some time, to answer those questions with as much detail as you would like. Email them to me at Your responses will stay anonymous.

Here are my questions to the membership:

  1. What do you want from PaNNTOA? In other words, what do you want our organization to fulfill?
  2.  Before moving to Anacortes from Northern California, Sue (your Rear Commodore) and I belonged to an Airstream RV group. They would periodically have “Flash Rallies” These rallies would be spontaneous and non-sponsored. The intent of a “Flash Rally” was to let the group know that a particular RVer was going to such-and-such a place in the following days and if anyone wanted to join them, for the company, just show up. There were no reservations, no hosting implied, but just a general announcement that “I’ll be there and join me if you want.” Not to be confused with a Mini-Rendezvous or the annual Rendezvous, would this be something you think has merit?
  3.  More than half of all boaters have a pet (or pets) on board. The majority are dogs, but there are some boat cats, too. We’ve created a forum topic on our website that deals with traveling with pets. Hopefully folks will post information and questions about which marine parks are pet friendly or unfriendly. Same with marinas. Also tips for training and coping with travel challenges specific to pets. I think a forum supporting this interchange would be helpful.
  4.  One of my hobbies has been amateur radio. I’ve been licensed for 64 years. Amateur, or “ham” radio is not CB radio and it doesn’t replace a cell phone. What it does do is provide communication capabilities – both for enjoyment, and to serve in an emergency. The number of boaters with ham radio equipment on board is very slim. A boater wanting to get licensed and then solve the challenges of putting workable equipment on board is challenging. But it can be done and I would like to create a forum on our website that deals with not only ham radio, but with radio communication in general. Would you be interested in getting your ham radio license? Would you be interested in knowing more about your boat’s radio or radios?
  5. Would you be interested in setting up a Mini-Rendezvous that would be south of Seattle, or north of La Conner? PaNNTOA will allocate $500 to cover a BBQ and a deposit to reserve slips.
  6.  This coming September, a Mini-Rendezvous is being set up by Gerry Guertin. It will be held in Kingston. More details are available on the PaNNTOA website home page. If you would like to help Gerry, please email him at
  7.  The last question deals with next year’s Rendezvous. It is slated to be in Sidney, BC. Based on this year’s survey results (thank you to those that submitted), there were comments/requests/suggestions involving dates, workshops, etc. So, please take some time and let your new Board of Directors know what you think. When would you like it? What speakers would you like to have? What subjects would you like to cover? There are no guarantees but we will do our best to consider your thoughts.

Don’t forget to be taking pictures of your Nordic Tug exploits this Summer and Fall to enter in the PaNNTOA Photo Contest later this year.

Stay safe and see you on the water!

Stu Clark

Mid-Sound Mini ‘Voux – September 2022

After a cool, damp spring, and a slow-to-start summer, we’re sacrificing a few chickens (or what we like to call, “making dinner”) to Neptune and Mother Nature, hoping for beautiful fall cruising. Gerry Guertin has volunteered to be our Cruise Captain for a mini rendezvous to be held in Kingston on September 23rd and 24th.

Gerry says there’s room for 10 to 15 boats, or so, and he might have a surprise or three up his sleeve. Please make your reservations directly with the Kingston Marina and be sure to mention you’re there with the Nordic Tug group (otherwise we’ll mock you when you get placed in the middle of the Rangers and Bayliners—just kidding. Not.)

RSVP Gerry at or call him at 360-908-5656. Gerry is breathlessly awaiting any questions you might have so don’t be shy about contacting him.

And if anyone wants to volunteer to captain a south sound, north sound, or Canadian mini rendezvous, please contact your friendly PaNNTOA Commodore.

2022 Rendezvous A Rousing Success

Cliff notes version: We bid a fond, and appreciative, farewell to COVID Commodore Gary White and his merry band of pirates, Vice Commodore Doug Ford and Rear Commodore/Treasurer Mike Russell, and welcomed our shiny new commodore, Stu Clark, Vice Commodore Jeff Redmond, and Rear Commodore Sue Clark.

Good speakers, great food, and plenty of opportunities to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Shortly we’ll be posting photos, resources, attendees, etc. Bear in mind, “shortly” was written by someone who drives a tug…

In the meantime, make sure you’re taking lots of photos on your cruises. Yes, PaNNTOA will be sponsoring another photo contest this fall. The theme is TBD but you’re pretty safe as long as there’s a Nordic Tug somewhere in the picture.

2022 Rendezvous Registration Update

Just a few weeks remain until registration closes for our 2022 Rendezvous and Reunion at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes from June 2-4.

We’re now lining up a variety of seminar speakers with appearances from the United States Coast Guard, experts on electronics, batteries, Cummins engines, updates from our own factory and more.

Seattle Yachts is sponsoring our opening night welcome reception followed by a private movie screening of “Tug Boat Annie” at Anacortes Cinemas.

Other planned activities include the Bilge Crawl where you can visit one-on-one with experienced mechanics, First Mate Training, our annual PaNNTOA meeting, Mary’s legendary clam chowder lunch and buffet dinners on Friday and Saturday night.

And the best news is that our registration fee hasn’t risen … it’s still a bargain at $125 per person plus moorage.

The Anacortes Waterfront Festival will be taking place this weekend as well with live music, food, crafts, arts and other booths just steps away from the C Dock where we’ll all be meeting and staying!

Reserve your slip and commemorative t-shirt by registering today while dock space is still available.

Our Rendezvous is a great way to see old friends, enjoy great food and drink and kick off summer and a return to boating!

Don’t miss out … register today!

Call for Volunteers

I recently put out a call for volunteers to fill vacating Panntoa Board positions. I have received two volunteers. Jeff Redmond has offered to assume Vice Commodore and Stu Clark is stepping into the Rear Commodore role. These, of course, will be dependent on the membership vote at our General Meeting on June 3.

We still need to fill the following positions:

Web Director
Rendezvous Director

These are key positions that are necessary for the successful and continued operation of the Panntoa organization. The incumbents have successfully met their obligations and are committed to resigning their positions at the end of our Rendezvous. Thanks to all for your service!

I know some of you may be hesitant to take on the responsibilities of these positions but I also know that many of you by the simple nature of your careers, are capable and qualified to assume these leadership positions. Please consider one of these posts and contact me with your interest or questions.

You can reach me by email at  Remember, a ship without a rudder cannot sail!

Gary White

PaNNTOA Commodore

2022 PaNNTOA Rendezvous Registration

Registration for our upcoming Rendezvous and Reunion Event set for Cap Santé Marina in Anacortes from June 2-4, 2022, is now open.

It’s been three years since we’ve all met as a group so plan on re-visiting old friends, making new ones, and catching up on what’s new at Nordic Tugs and the Pacific Northwest boating community!

While the schedule of events continues to evolve here are some highlights of what’s in store …

Thursday June 2

Arrivals start at 1:00 pm at Cap Santé with lots of help for bow or stern in docking. Contact PaNNTOA dock master via channel 66 for slip assignment. Please note boats arriving the prior day may be reassigned as needed in order to accommodate everyone.

Welcome reception on the docks to begin the festivities with a selection of hors d’oeuvres, complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks and brief welcoming remarks.

Then … it’s off to the movies for a complimentary private screening at Anacortes Cinemas of the original 1933 version of Tugboat Annie starring Marie Dressler, Wallace Beery, Robert Young and Maureen O’Sullivan. The movie is based on the life of Thea Foss of Tacoma, Washington. Popcorn and drinks will be provided.

Friday June 3 and Saturday June 4

Look for an update on Nordic Tugs direct from the factory, our Commodore’s welcome, and informative presentations on Cummins engines and maintenance, marine electronics, area travel destinations, an “All you’ve wanted to ask … but may have been afraid…” session and, a Q&A session with the United States Coast Guard.

Speaking of the Coast Guard … the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be on hand for Vessel Safety Checks. In addition, we’ll offer dock side visits from marine experts.

We’ll also host our annual PaNNTOA membership and business meeting offering our members valuable updates and opportunities to volunteer for positions on our board.

Nightly dinners will feature door prizes, delicious buffets, guest speakers, a wine tasting and more. And yes … Mary LaFleur’s clam chowder lunch is set for Friday afternoon.

Don’t forget that during our event the upper Marina parking lots will be filled with great food, artists, live music, a car show and more during the Anacortes Waterfront Festival.

Registration for the Vous and Reunion event is being held at our 2019 rate of $125 per person. This fee is in addition to discounted nightly moorage from Cap Sante Marina.

Slips are limited and registration closes on May 10th. To help us better plan our expenses we’re requesting that you register as soon as possible 2022 PaNNTOA Rendezvous Registration

We’re looking forward to bringing our Nordic Tug fleet back together again for three days of friendship, fellowship and enjoyable and educational presentations at Cap Sante Marina where (to quote Tug Boat Annie) … “The Tide Is Always High!”


**Please Note**
The PaNNTOA Rendezvous will comply with state and local COVID protocols as required.

Seattle Yachts Service PANNTOA Member Discount

Seattle Yachts is pleased to announce that the discounts previously offered by Cap Sante Marine to all active PANNTOA members will continue under Seattle Yachts Service. As many of you are aware, Cap Sante Marine was recently added the Seattle Yachts family and is operating under new management as Seattle Yachts Service’s south yard or SYS South.

The PANNTOA Discount is 8% on labor for all active PANNTOA Members. If you’re thinking about bottom paint, stern thruster, water maker, solar panels, dinghy davits and more, now you’ll gain an 8% measure of relief on the bottom line.

Veteran yacht technician Nathan Kusler will be your point of contact at SYS South. Owners will benefit from his experience and familiarity with electrical, mechanical, plumbing, paint and fiberglass projects. Whether it’s routine maintenance, upgrades or repairs, his good communication and personal attention when managing projects will be much appreciated by owners.

Feel free to contact Nathan to get acquainted and talk through any projects you have in mind at or 360 208 8539

Sign Up for Zoom Call with Dave Allen from Nordic Tugs

As promised by the Commodore, Dave Allen will be making a presentation via Zoom on March 2nd at 7:00 pm. Dave will do a virtual tour, share some interesting information, and answer questions.

PaNNTOA members have early access for signing up for this interesting talk; sign up soon because the presentation will be opened to the boating community via the Nordic Tug Facebook page next week and there are a limited number of spaces.

To sign up, send an email to for meeting access.

Announcing Seattle Yachts Service

News from PaNNTOA Sponsor, Seattle Yachts

Hot off the press …

“We are proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2022, Cap Sante Marine and Northwest Marine Center have now combined to be Seattle Yachts Service! Seattle Yachts Service brings you a national network and a wider range of service connections now including Raymarine, Simrad, B&G, SeaKeeper, Webasto, Achilles, Mercury, Volvo, Cummins, and Yanmar, among other quality brands.

With the knowledgeable, friendly staff and quality service you have come to expect, Seattle Yachts Service will continue to give you all the continued reliability and support you know and deserve.

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Seattle Yachts Service. We would not be here without your support!”

Brent Moore   |  Service Director