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    Jason Resch

    Hello. My name is Jason. I am a new PaNNTOA member. We are moments away from an offer on a NT32 out in Louisiana. We have been looking around the PNW for a while, however have not located the perfect one. Is there anyone out there willing to coach us along on a couple negotiating points? Or perhaps any leads on one out this way?

    Greg Berkman

    Hey Jason, just saw this… I too hunted one down and brought it home.  Some grey hair, but I am overall a happy camper.

    Happy to chat if it is still relevant!

    Tom Easterbrook

    Hi Jason,

    Greg is probably a good person to talk to as he recently did just what you are talking about. However, it may be difficult to do a lot of negotiating when purchasing a NT as the market is very much a “seller’s market” and Nordic Tugs are in demand. The best suggestion that I have is to talk to a broker (like Jeff Geckler for example) to have him/her “keep a look out for what you are looking for”, and to keep your own eye glued to all sources of listings both broker and “private”. Then, be ready to inspect right away and “make a quick decision” one way or the other. Hesitating, or taking a lot of time to consider, may mean you loose that particular boat. A broker would be in a better position to advise you as to how fast the market is “right now”, as I am speaking from a few months ago, especially early in the year when I sold my boat in 5days privately with very little advertising.  At that time we had several very interested people besides the new owner. I, too am willing to chat, but I don’t know what other value I can add for you. Also, make sure you have a slip, mooring, or marina storage to put the boat when you buy it. Marina slips are in very short supply (some with long wait lists), depending somewhat on where you want to moor it.

    Good luck.

    Tim Cooper


    Congratulations on the new purchase. We yelled at each other yesterday, I have the 37 at St Helens. If I can help answer questions or trade war stories feel free to contact me. I am pretty new to cruising but I fished the Columbia and lower channel for many years.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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