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    Peter Edwards

    I have a cable running from my outboard to a locker in the bow where it connects to the battery. I would like to attach the cable to the inside of the dinghy so it stays out any water in the “bilge”. I tried velcro loops, but the adhesive isn’t strong enough.  Any ideas as to what would work without damaging the dinghy?

    Thanks in advance…

    Tom Easterbrook


    Most Chandleries sell either a 2 part or a 1 part PVC inflatable specific glue. For PVC they suggest that you do not need to sand the surface prior to glueing. Tape off the area where the glue is going and clean the area well with MEK (a nasty type of solvent) and let dry. Apply the glue according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then apply your velcro straps. You might want to contact the glue maker to ensure that their product will work for nylon straps? as a precaution. Use all appropriate safety measures like gloves, eye protection, and well ventilated work area and/or respirator. Best done out of the sun, with relatively low humidity and moderate temperatures.

    On an older PVC dinghy that I owned previously, a couple of the handles came off. After taking a fair amount of time to remove most to all of the old glue, I was able to reattach the handles securely. This will leave marks on the PVC should you ever remove the straps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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