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    Is there a sheet of required maintenance based upon engine hours for this engine and possibly all the maintenance required on all systems for the Nordic 32 2004?

    Tom EasterbrookTom Easterbrook


    Check out and look at Tony’s Tips and the forum. There is a wealth of info on that site (for free). Yes he sells products as well, but also offers a tremendous amount of great information. I am not affiliated with this company in any way.

    Here is a quote from this site when a boat owner asked about the Cummins QSL9 engine. Tony’s response:

    -As long as you do the aftercooler per my protocol every 2 yrs( hours do not matter if you are in saltwater) , your exhaust system does not let water into your turbo, and you keep the rest the the cooling system up to spec along with all of the rotating devices on the front of the engine, expect 25000-30000++++++++ hours before you will be looking for a rebuild..

    Information I have found useful for our engines from this site:

    Regular oil and filter changes (200 hours or at least annually). Tranny oil change annually.

    Fuel filter changes, check serpentine belt and all associated pulleys and pumps for smooth rotation annually

    Seawater pump impeller change every 2 years or 500 hours (some do it more often).

    Check aftercooler and heat exchanger zincs every 3-4 months and change them before they start to disintegrate (therefore little to no material gets into the system to block cooling passages)

    Valve adjustment every 1000 hours. Check owners manual on this one and follow that.

    Service aftercooler every 2 years.

    Service all other saltwater based cooling every 4 years such as fuel cooler, gear oil cooler, and heat exchanger. Change antifreeze that this point.

    I highly recommend installing and using a freshwater flush system where the saltwater side of your cooling system is flushed as often as you can. In a perfect world after every use. This will extend the time between the above mentioned saltwater cooling servicing and generally help your engine to last longer. See Tony’s article on “Marine Age”.

    Check Tony’s article on marine exhaust and ensure that you don’t have a “doomed to fail” exhaust set up. These older NT’s with Cummins 6bta all came stock like that. If your exhaust elbow is more than 5 years old, and is a Cummins OEM product, I would replace it sooner than later (I did on my boat). These elbows can let seawater enter your turbo and possibly your engine. VERY BAD if that happens.

    Anyway, that is a start. If you want to talk more, send me an email.

    Tom Easterbrook

    Pilitak NT 37-068

    Nanaimo, BC

    Eric SteffensenEric Steffensen

    I have a pdf of the original manual for our Cummins 220 which includes all the maintenance requirements.

    send me your email and I can send you.


    Thank you so much



    Please send the owners manual you had earlier posted that I thought I replied.

    Thank you.

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