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    Hi, All

    Our 2004 Nordic Tug 37 is the flybridge model with two helm stations. The instrumentation is VDO. It has a Cummins 6BTA 330. We are the third owner having purchased the boat in early-2017.

    The pre-purchase engine inspection recommended replacement of the temp sender. This was done by the PO. The replacement part was Cummins 3613547 as per the detailed parts list and manufactured in 2014. The old sender was retained on board; from the paint on it, it appears to be the original install. It has a 1/2 inch NPT and a Bosch connection.

    Subsequently, the gauges at both stations would never read over 130F. The initial step was to replace the thermostat – no change. Using a temp gun, it was established that the coolant temp was reaching the right levels 180/185. The suggestion was a bad ground in the wiring, some issues were found and corrected – no change.

    Further research established that dual station VDO gauges require a dual station sender. VDO has two versions available, one is 1/4 NPT the other 3/8. Cummins does not supply a dual station sender for this engine.

    Nordic Tug’s input has been requested, no clarification so far; though it appears they would receive the engine from Cummins with the sender already installed.

    This suggests that the temp gauge has always under-read. And that all Nordic Tug 37 fly-bridge models have the same issue. Really??

    Any ideas appreciated – and especially where I can get a dual station 1/2 inch NPT Bosch connection sender!

    Of course, the next question is whether the over-heat alarm (light/sound) has the same issue. Which is a bit scary.

    Thanks in advance!





    In case anyone is interested…

    Replaced original sender with a dual station VDO unit (needed a thread adapter).  Problem solved.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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