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    Ryan & Sara Cassidy


    The last two times we’ve been out, our fish finder has been giving some version of the readout in the image below. This hasn’t been an issue over our previous 18 months of ownership of this boat.  Curious if any others with more experience on these things can diagnose. Our boat is a 2005 and to my knowledge the transducer has never been replaced….so wondering if it’s starting to go bad? Or perhaps some strategically placed growth has taken hold on the hull?  I can’t imagine there are this many fish 😉  it seems to give the same return at most speeds and is a new problem, so doubt it’s any sort of cavitation.  I had to turn off shallow water alerts because it was alarming every few minutes when steaming from Friday Harbor to Sucia.  It does seem to read the bottom just fine – just lots and lots of returns in deeper water confusing it about the depth.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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