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    Greg Berkman

    Hey tuggers,

    I spent too long searching for a replacement fan for my “bus heater”… long story, but I ended up with two.  I have successfully installed the replacement and I am about to return the other one.  Before I do: Anyone looking for one of these?  Not trying to profit.  I will sell it at my cost (Memory is <$100, but  I will chase down the exact figure.)

    Just trying to save you the hassle and get it into your hands fast.  This was for a 2001 NT 32 “squirrel cage fan assembly” that is under the stairs to the V berth.

    It is a DCM BH1301-20 if that means anything to you.

    I will probably hang onto it for a week or so before I return it to DCM for a refund… Just trying to save a cold tugger some hassle.  I will also post it on some of the other boards around the PNW.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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