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    Robert Thompson

    I’m planning to install an Espar hydronic heater in my NT42 to extend the season here in Alaska.  Wondering if anyone has any experience with this, recommendations on where to install the heater, and lessons learned.   Also planning to use it to heat water and preheat the engine via a heat exchanger.




    I have one in my 2003 nt 32.  Would never have anything else in the Pacific North West.  I can take pics for you.

    Angelo Muzzin

    Hi Bob,

    We installed a hydronic system on our 32/34 this past spring.  Replaced the Espar with a Webasto hydronic unit. Install was a bit tricky given the size of our boat.  A little challenging finding a place for the reservoir and pump given the size of our boat.  Really like this system. Wonderful having hot water all the time and seperate programable thermostats for the rooms.

    We are not using the system to preheat the engine.  And we removed the heating loop from the engine to the hot water heater.

    Installed by Everett Yacht Services.

    Yes, really glad we did it.

    Robert Thompson

    Thanks guys, photos would be appreciated.  Also, Angelo, any particular reason you switched from the Espar to Webasto?

    Barry McPhee

    Hi   We have 42-112 and put in a new heater last summer.  A lot of lessons learned.  Call me to discuss our installation.

    Barry.  (808)298-4586

    John Harcharik

    Hi Anjelo,   I have a 32 here in the Northwest and am considering changing out my Espar for a hydronic system just so I can have hot water at anchor.  Would you mind sharing the cost with me?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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