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    Hi All,

    On my AC panel, it is noted to keep the inverter breaker always on. However, on the Xantrex Panel, it notes to click the inverter “only when needed”. I am especially concerned when turning the electric heater on when connected to shore power.

    I keep the Inverter breaker on, but not sure if I should also click the Inverter on the Xantrex Panel itself, or should i only click the inverter on the xantrex panel when connected to DC power and need to turn on appliances.

    Thank you for your help.

    Tom EasterbrookTom Easterbrook

    Hi Sam,

    I will tell you what works for me, the way my boat is wired. It is a 2002 NT 37. When plugged in to shore power, I mostly leave the inverter breaker on the 120V panel on. When turning on this breaker when first connecting to shore power, the Xantrex panel “charger” button turns on and is illuminated, thus powering the house bank battery charger, however, the “inverter” button is off. I leave it off and therefore, the inverter is “off”. If you turn the inverter on and the shore power goes out, then your batteries will then power all devices and outlets that are connected to the inverter, potentially totally discharging your house bank. As your sign stated, I “click the inverter button” on the Xantrex panel (turning the inverter on) only when I need the inverter (which for me is not often).

    I don’t think my inverter is setup to power the electric heaters (built in, located in the salon and master cabin), but I sure would not want to have that occur. I have never tested it.

    When I do use the inverter is when underway, and I use it to power one “wall plug” that powers a couple of  IPads and my laptop for navigation. The house batteries are constantly being charged by the engine alternator, so this is in essence, “free power”. In this case, the only breaker that is on in my A/C (120v) panel is the breaker for the nav station plug (don’t need the “inverter” breaker) and I push the “inverter button” on the Xantrex panel to turn on the inverter. Remember to turn it off when done.

    Hope that helps,

    Tom Easterbrook

    Pilitak NT 37-068


    Thank you so much Tom, your input is very helpful

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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