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    Rick Gerard

    My name is Rick Gerard. I live in Santa Barbara Ca. I have a 30′ Slip in Santa Barbara Harbor. I recently sold my Beneteau 323 and I’m now looking for a Trawler. I’m allowed only 33′ for the overhang with zero tolerance. In the year 2001 Nordic Tug built the swim step into the haul with the ND32 which effectively moved the LOA to beyond 33′ The prior years 2000 and older the swim step can be removed and I can measure in at less then 33′. Owning a larger slip is cost prohibitive in Santa Barbara.

    These older Nordic tugs are very difficult to find. The few I’ve found for sale are back east. If anyone knows of someone thinking of selling one Id really like to make contact with the owner. Clearly my best option is to find one on the west coast. However I’m willing to build in the trucking cost for the right boat


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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