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    As a form of introduction, Paige and I have had our  2005 NT 37-FB for seven years. We live in N. Cal and have boated for years. When our daughter was in orientation for her freshman year at UW, we sat one afternoon at a pub on lake union…. looked around and it became obvious.  Within four months we bought our tug in Anacortes.  Thunder Road is berthed in S. Lake Union.  We have cruised north for the past seven years, getting as far as Ocean Falls.   I am now retired and look forward to more cruising.

    When we bought our boat, seven years ago (and with 500hrs on the motor), we had the after cooler cleaned.  We now have 1500 hrs on the motor and a cummins dealer has suggested taking out and servicing the after cooler, tranny cooler, and heat exchanger,  oh, and while at it, the heat exchanger on the onan generator.   They would take apart, send in to some shop for cleaning, paint, re install.  Well…. that ends up being 30-40 hrs of labor, I am told.  You all know shop rates and can do the math!

    So, I am wondering:   Does anyone know what is recommended about service intervals on  cooling system on cummins motors or know of any references to read about this.  Obviously I want to do what is smart but also don’t want to go “overboard” so to speak.

    Thanks for any info

    Bill Robertson
    Bill Robertson

    Hi Jim,

    The recommended service intervals for the various engine components are in your Cummins Manual that should have come with the boat.  I’m at home right now so can’t look it up for you.  I had to replace the aftercooler core on my 2001 37 a few years ago due to significant corrosion on the air side of the aftercooler core.  My mechanic told me this damage was caused by running the engine at low rpm all the time and thus not getting the system nice and hot.  He suggested periodically running the engine up to 80% FOT for about 15 minutes or so when heading back to the marina.  Since the new core cost upwards of $2K in 2012 I have had the aftercooler pulled off and inspected every 2 to 3 years.  Am still seeing a little corrosion at the bottom of the core but it can be easily cleaned off to prevent further corrosion.

    I have the engine heat exchanger inspected and cleaned out every 2 years.

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