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    I posted an ad for my 42 Clock Work a while back. I’ve changed some things rather materially and came here to update it but I can’t pin down if the preferred approach is to update the original or to post a new update. Apologies if I actually guess wrong.

    Clock Work is a well-equipped 2005 Nordic Tug 42 for sale out of Portsmouth RI. She’s a combination of the second-generation layout (post-2003) that yields a slightly more livable/usable interior, married to a mechanically injected Cummins 6CT “450 Diamond” engine, which because it is completely devoid of control electronics enjoys a reliability advantage over the typical 42. What isn’t there in the first place can’t fail. She also has absolutely new stern and bow thrusters with dock hold… minutes of use since installation. A crane on the upper deck and a dinghy round things out. >75% of the factory projected service life remains. For more complete information, photos and a video walk through, and the best way to contact me, please see: http://www.clockwork-usa.com

    The big update I wanted to convey was I added a second purchase option which includes a not insubstantial discount (>$50k at the moment… it can change) to get me out of the loop of dealing with services/logistics. The details are in the blog section under the title “Purch Option #2”. The worse the economy does, the better my company does so it’s just an option to make it go away with the least effort and focus on my knitting.

    I realize I’m a few light years from PANNTOA territory but to my own surprise the two different parties that I was sure were going to take it at Opt 1/full price were both CA people, who both had to back out for medical issues.

    The web site technology I’m hosting that in has appeared to change how it works with no prompting from me necessitating significant rebuild. If you have a problem communicating or whatever, please reply here and I believe that will show up in my email.




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