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    I apparently have a leaking port light above the sink in the head.  It’s 20 years old and plastic so I’m looking at either removing and re-bedding all three or replacing all three with new SS ones like ones made buy New Found Metals.  Wondering if others have had this problem and if it’s worth reusing the existing units or buy new.




    I did have the same issue. took the boat to Break Water Marina who advised me to just seal the outside of the port light with clear material (not sure what the material is called :)), cost $60 and the issue is fixed.



    Tom Easterbrook

    Hi Bob,

    I had one of my portlights start to leak. I decided to just do the one, but rebedding them all is not a bad idea. I bought a new one from Beckson and did a total replace. The plastic one from Beckson is the same as the original install in the 2002 NT 37. I followed Beckson’s instructions including using a “special” (recommended) Dow silicone as the bedding/sealant. Normally I would not use silicone on the boat, but for various reasons this is what Beckson recommends and it makes sense to do as the manufacturer instructs. I also watched a couple of Youtube videos on doing this job. It turned out to be relatively easy, but did take several hours (all of the old sealant must be carefully removed and cleaned), and the leak was solved with no issues for at least 2 years (then the boat was sold). If you work carefully, you could reuse the old ports, but after 20 years, it is probably best to just replace them. Even SS ports still require periodic rebedding, and no manufacturer that I know recommends just adding a bead of caulk around the outside as a “fix” for a leak. It may work temporarily, but it will leak again before long, as you would just be relying on that very thin bead to keep out waves, etc.

    Good luck,



    Thanks for the feedback.  Tom, I was surprised about using silicone as everything I read says to not use silicone on a boat which apparently were your thoughts as well.  I have a roll of Bed-it butyl tape which I was considering using but will probably rethink it.  However, New Found Metals also show using butyl as a sealant if I decide to go that route.  Not sure if butyl works better with metal and silicone works better with plastic but I will take a look at a few YouTube videos before making a decision.  One issue with butyl is it gets slowly squeezed out of a joint and must be retightened and cleaned a few times over a period of days whereas silicone looks like an overall faster process.  I just need to do something before the rains set in for the fall.

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