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    Greetings all –

    I have a (new to me) NT 26 with a Perkins 4.236.  The tug is on a trailer and in E-WA, however Anacortes is our planned primary departure point.  I am looking for teaching resources: someone to teach me the ‘basic maintenance’ of this engine and related systems.  I am interested in things like changing fuel filter, raw water pump maintenance, etc. as well as “things one should know how to do in an emergency”.  I’m a fair mechanic (built/fly my aircraft) and have a basic (ag background) understanding of diesel systems.  I’m looking for a mentor/teacher and/or video resources.  Happy to pay for services – alternatively I work for a winery and have trading stock…


    Kevin Corliss

    NT 26 “Seaforth”

    Prosser, WA

    Tom Easterbrook
    Tom Easterbrook

    Hi Kevin and welcome to the NT family.

    I cannot personally help you as I live too far away and am not familiar with that particular engine (although my former boat, a sailboat, had a Volvo in it that was basically a marinized Perkins).

    My suggestion is to do what I did (and it worked well for me). Hire a local mechanic (try to get recommendations) to come aboard to show you exactly what you are looking to learn. When he/she is there, ask lots of questions, take pictures and lots of notes. Using this method, I now do the routine maintenance for my entire saltwater (and antifreeze) cooling side (including Aftercooler), oil changes, fuel filter changes, impeller, etc. I also now do my own valve adjustment. There are also forums (like where expert mechanics can answer specific questions you may have. That forum seems to focus on Cummins and Yanmar, but probably would answer generic questions on diesel maintenance. They may even have specific knowledge on your engine??

    Also, in the Anacortes area, they often offer diesel maintenance and troubleshooting courses at the Marine Institute located there. They are often offered through the Wagonner Guide group. I haven’t take one of their courses so I cannot vouch for the course, but I would think they would be high quality.

    Good luck and enjoy your new Tug,

    Tom Easterbrook

    NT 37-068 Pilitak

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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