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    Fred YoungFred Young

    Imagine our surprise when we were exiting Dodd Narrows last Friday and ran into an old friend from our C-Dory days. Blake and Rhonda Erickson on Sea-Fury came through the Narrows behind us and hailed us as we headed south. Turns out they didn’t know we’d bought a Nordic Tug and we didn’t know they were working on the mini-vous. Or, for that matter, that the mini-vous was happening.

    We were headed to Ladysmith but changed our plans and spent the next three days at Port Browning instead. It was wonderful! Meeting folks on 20 other boats, visiting casually, and enjoying the sun. To have that all happen on the fly was just magical.

    So thanks Blake, Rhonda, Tom, and Terry for organizing this event. The annual gathering is great. It’d also be great to have more casual gatherings like this. Where shall we meet next?

    Fred and Robbin Young, Anita Marie

    Angelo MuzzinAngelo Muzzin

    A big “ditto” to Fred and Robbin’s comments on the Mini-Vous.

    Sandra and I had a wonderful time.  Nice folks. Nice marina. And lots of time for causal conversations about our boats.

    Would like to extend our thanks to Blake, Wanda, Tom and Terry for making this happen. Very nicely done.



    Angelo and Sandra

    Salish Star


    Greg KlevenGreg Kleven

    Our thanks as well to Blake, Rhonda, Tom, and Terry for organizing an amazing Mini Vous complete with great chowder, Saturday morning waffles and fun conversation with 19 other tiggers. Port Browning Mini-Vous 2020? Here we come😀


    Another “ditto” to previous comments, as well as our thanks to Blake, Rhonda, Tom, and Terry for organizing this terrific gathering. As a new PaNNTOA member, it was great to have the opportunity to meet more Nordic Tug owners. Although we had to leave early due to prior commitments (after the wonderful waffle breakfast), the event was very worthwhile. We are very excited to be part of the PaNNTOA community.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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