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    The lip seal on the rudder been seeping very little for about 2 years now, i just goat the boat hauled out and the boat years replaced the seal. But when I got the boat back in the water, it continue to seep about the same amount as it did before which is very little, it does not flood  the bilge or anything like that. Is this normal, does anyone have that issue ?



    Tom Easterbrook

    Hi Sam,

    I would say that the seal is not meant to leak at all. If you had a new seal installed, and they did not damage it during installation, then the rudder post itself is probably “pitted” and that is what is causing the leaking?? Just a guess, but it should not leak. However, if the leak is very slight, it is your decision whether to leave it or repair it.

    Good luck,


    george rhyneer

    I just replaced mine while on the grid for a day. You shouldn’t have any leaking. I found there was quite a bit of hard thin scale around the rudder post and after scraping it all off carefully i scotch brited the shaft circumferentially a lot. If seal sits on that stuff it’ll leak.  George

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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