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    Doug FordDoug Ford

    I was contacted by a rep from the Seattle Boat Show and asked to participate in a Zoom interview about SBS online options. At this point, they are still preparing for a regular boat show in the usual venue, but we all know that is iffy. In parallel, they are preparing for an online event that would include seminars, Boat Show University, virtual boat tours, access to vendors and “retail opportunities”. I questioned the quality of the seminars and university classes if they were just recordings of  talking heads. I was assured that the presentations would be staged and created by a profession video production company. They had a tiered pricing idea based on the info and features you wanted to access.

    If this format is utilized in all of the national boat shows, we might have access to a large number of resources we don’t usually get in Seattle.

    All told, I was impressed and I look forward to something nautical in late January.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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