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    Wife and I anchored in Thunder Bay , near the mouth of Jarvis Inlet last night.

    light winds.

    we noticed a fare amount of water slap noise on the bow, making it hard to sleep in the v-berth.

    Anyone else experience this, and did you come up with a solution?

    Thanks for any input.


    Bill RobertsonBill Robertson


    The wave slap is a common problem with most of the NTs.  After our first night at anchor in our 37, my wife said she wouldn’t spend another night on the boat if I didn’t do something about the guy pounding on the hull with a sledge hammer.  The partial fix for the problem was to have the chimes filled in as far forward as possible, without getting into the boot stripe and about 4 foot back from where the water meets the chine.  This has pretty much eliminated the slap except when the waves get choppy out.  I have pics of my chine job if you’d like to see more.

    Christopher KirkChristopher Kirk

    We had exactly the same problem and found the same solution fixed it.  We had the bow modified by Cap Sante Marine in Anacortes.  They have done this to a number of NTs.

    Tom EasterbrookTom Easterbrook

    I have heard of others using floating devices that they deploy in the water to “fill in” the bow area. Some people say this has worked for them, while others say it was a waste of time. It would be a big “pain in the …” to deploy, retrieve, and store said device. Less expensive than the permanent bow modification though 🙂

    This is a very common complaint with not only Nordic Tugs, but several other boats that have a similar bow shape.

    Robbin YoungRobbin Young

    This may sound silly, but for me the best fix has been…..ear plugs. 😉


    Bill and Christopher,

    I would appreciate seeing the photos of the hull work.

    Were you happy with the work that Cap Sante Marine did, and could you tell me what it cost?

    My wife wants to try filling the storage area under the V-birth with sound deadner (pillows and blankets in garbage bags).

    It can’t hurt to try I guess.




    Well we tried the (fill the voids) sound deadening method, but no improvement.

    I wonder if the skippers that have had the hulls modified noticed any changes to the performance of the vessel?

    I’m going to ask a couple of local marinas about the cost of having this work done.

    any comments?


    Wait until you anchor over a rocky bottom and listen to the anchor chain drag over the rocks all night long.  That will really keep you awake.

    Gary WhiteGary White

    We not so affectionately call that anchor groan!  If you use an anchor bridle to take the weight of the anchor and chain off of the windless  and give enough slack in the chain it will reduce some of that noise.



    Thanks Gary.  We will give that a try.

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