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    Conner Cheryl

    Hoping to get some advice on the best approach to improve on the ease to open and close the galley windows and sliding starboard and port door.   Is Super Lube the answer?  I appreciate any insight you can give us.

    Tom Easterbrook

    What worked well for me was using a product called “McLube Sailkote”. It is a dry spray on product in an aerosol can. It does not tend to build up nor get “sticky” over time. I used to have a sailboat and used it for lubing the mainsail track. Had some left over and tried it, and found it worked well. I reapplied it about 2 times per year, or anytime it seemed needed.


    Ben McCafferty

    I have had the same problem on four boats now, all with Diamond Seaglaze windows. I believe the problem is buildup of salt in the channels, but not totally sure. The dry spray works great if they’re clean, but you and I need to resolve the other problem first. I believe when I’ve used warm fresh water to wash/rinse, it has helped a lot, but haven’t been back to that project in a while. Also, I once called Diamond Seaglaze and they do sell a rebuild kit—it’s somewhat involved, where you are removing the glass and black synthetic pieces, replacing the fuzzy part in the tracks, etc. But at the end, you should have like-new operation. Another good question–I have a loose handle on one of the sliding doors, and it seems the fastener is inaccessible without tearing the door down! OK, best of luck and please share if you find the answer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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