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    Doug FordDoug Ford


    Like you, Lindsey and I have cancelled all our summer travel plans. We are fortunate to live in south sound where we will spend some time in local state parks and bays, but it just isn’t the same as getting into beautiful B.C. waters! As the shutdown hit, our mechanic had just started to install new electronics in Waterford but has not been back in over a month. Gaping holes at the helm remind us that we can’t go anywhere for now.

    Since we can’t plan and dream of upcoming anchorages, I was reflecting on some of our favorite places from last summer. We really enjoy dropping the hook in remote quiet bays. Of course, there are many nice marinas we visit, but our personal batteries are charged in the quiet solitude and beauty of lonely waters.

    Last summer was our first time around Cape Caution and it was wonderful. One of our favorite places was Oyster Bay, a small arm in the east end of Fish Egg Inlet. It has a small note in Waggoners, but they really don’t reveal what a gem it is! Access is slow and curvy, probably best done at high water, but we had no surprises. The bay is fairly shallow but holding was good in about 25’. The north end has a confluence of small streams that combine into a nice hidden waterfall. The incoming fresh water attracts a nice variety of birds but we saw no bears or other wildlife. We stayed for three days and never saw another boat. VHF does not get in or out but we were able to get a satellite connection for inReach messages and weather.

    One treat was eating breakfast in the cockpit while two loons displayed their mating rituals for us off the stern. Their water dance was beautiful and we felt honored to watch. After proving their worthiness to each other, they left and apparently “found a room”.

    We took turns floating around in the kayak, but I really hated to start the dinghy motor. I played with the drone and took a few photos, but mostly we just soaked up the peace and beauty of this special place.

    What are you dreaming about?

    -Doug Ford

    Oyster Bay



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