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    Christopher Kirk

    Does anyone know if it is worth having BoatUS/TowBoat insurance if your general boat insurance also covers towing costs?

    Denise Nichols

    We listened to a talk by Mary LaFleur at the Vous and she indicated that Boat US was the best bet for towing.   I guess insurance companies may drop you if you have 2 claims or more and she indicated that you might want to save claims for more important things such as water damage or accidents.  We got BoatUS after knowing that since we had to file a claim a few years ago for water damage on our boat.

    Torrey Lawrence

    Each insurance company is different so you need to check you policy details. Mine covers up to $1,000 but that won’t go very far if you have a real problem and are far from help. We buy the Boat US Unlimited Towing insurance for $165/year. (

    Gerald Guertin

    my insurance covers towing but I decided to buy Boat US as well so as not to incur a claim on my insurance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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