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    My wife and I are wondering what you all have found to be a good way to be connected while being out on a cruise, or in a marina.

    We have the first 37′ Nordic Tug sold.

    We both can work while we are on the boat, but we need to maintain a strong wifi connection.

    Any suggestion of what is a good antenna/system to invest in?

    We also are thinking about installing a video screen to be able to stream/watch movies.


    AvatarSam Stone

    Jay, we are trying to get one of the two main wifi-extender vendors at the 2019 Rendezvous in our Vendor Booth. I can let you know when one or the other accepts the offer. That might be a great opportunity to meet other Nordic Tuggers of all sizes and see what works best for them. We also will be offering Marine Technician visits at no cost, but appt. only for attendees. Watch the website, but we hope to have registration available the 1st week in April.



    That all sounds great.

    I just emailed Cap ante Marina for moorage reservations the end of May.


    Hi Jay

    My name is Chris Sodeman, I’m new to the Panntoa community. I have found a lot of good information online from a couple who test internet gear. You can find them if you look up mobile internet resource center. They also have a second site called Technomadia


    Hi Jay, you might be interested in the following article on the Panbo blog (link below).  I used a Digital Yacht 4g Connect (check Hodges for price) last year with a prepaid T mobil sim card.  It creates a wifi hot spot (LAN) for boat.  Better security and no bandwidth issues as with local wifi.  It worked well.

    An update on internet options, strong cellular and variable WiFi results

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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