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    Doug Ford

    Do you have a log book you like? Amazon has many but some are very sail oriented and others with just too much detail. If you have one you like, let me know what it is and why you like it. Or maybe you have a Word or XL template you can share? Thanks for any suggestions.


    Mike Young

    Hi, Doug – I hope you & Lindsey are doing well. Just saw your post; my experience over the years has been the same as yours (with store-bought logbooks). I’ve been rolling my own for quite a few years, experimenting with content & arrangement with different boats. There’s nothing special about my current version (except that it works for me), but I’ll try to figure out how to attach it (Word doc) in case it may be useful to you. (If I can’t attach, I’ll shoot you a separate email.) The top section captures the data from my anal practice of an engine-room preflight each time before cranking the engine. Most of it is self-explanatory (and some is tailored for our boat and habits) – happy to answer any questions, and welcome any suggestions/feedback. Our best to you for the holidays! Mike




    Id love to see what everyone is doing for log books also if you dont mind sharing.



    John Hall

    Greetings from Alaska,

    Like Mike above, we’ve been rolling our own logbooks for several years in preference to any of the commercial offerings – we like a lot of journal space and a place to separately note where we anchored up each night.  We also made a custom cover page with our boat name (in the same font as displayed on the transom) and a montage of favorite photos of our adventures; the logbook pages are identical front/back except the gutter margin which alternates left/right to accommodate the spiral binding. Then we just send it off digitally to FedEx Office, specify a heavy weight cover sheet, a transparent plastic front over the cover page and a heavyweight plastic back sheet, fully spiral bound. Lays flat, looks quite professional, and the page content work for us. Occasionally on longer trips we span across more than one page if the journal entries get verbose (which is of course more fun to read later!)

    I don’t see how to attach a file, so I’ve attached a blank log-sheet as an image.

    John Hall


    Cover and logpage

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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