Job Descriptions

PaNNTOA Job Descriptions

PaNNTOA Commodore:

  • Chair the Executive Committee and Board of Directors;

  • Conduct meetings of Executive Committee, Board & Annual Membership;

  • Collaborate with all Board members to ensure their responsibilities are completed;

  • Ensure work is evenly distributed between volunteers;

  • Serve as a standing member for all project teams;

  • Monitor the website;

  • Promote the interests of the organization, and

  • Improve member benefits in collaboration with other Board members.

PaNNTOA Vice Commodore:

  • Prepare and distribute minutes of all meetings;

  • Keep and maintain for inspection by members, the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, minutes, and annual reports;

  • Manage, prepare and track changes to By-Laws;

  • Create any standing rules necessary to manage the operations of PaNNTOA;

  • Collaborate with other Board members to promote PaNNTOA interests.

PaNNTOA Rear Commodore:

  • Maintain general accounting of PaNNTOA finances;

  • Report on financial status at annual meeting;

  • Facilitate corporate and other donations to support PaNNTOA mission including annual budget preparation for Board approval;

  • Manage cash and disbursements, including notification of the membership chair of manual (by check) membership adds;

  • Make and certify any official filings to retain nonprofit status;

  • Manage transfer of signature authority for the PaNNTOA bank account;

  • Collaborate with other Board members to promote PaNNTOA interests.

PaNNTOA Rendezvous Director:

  • Manage assignment of tasks and monitor progress of Rendezvous Committee members and others assisting with the Rendezvous;

PaNNTOA Communications Director:

  • Maintain an email distribution list of PaNNTOA members;

  • Communicate association related information to the members as directed by the Board;

  • Share Nordic Tug & PaNNTOA information with boating magazines and their editors;

  • Promote Nordic Tug rendezvous, activities, membership and other items as appropriate.

PaNNTOA Membership Director:

  • See that emails are sent to new members welcoming them;

  • Remind members to renew when their membership is 1 month from expiring;

  • Distribute member lists to member benefit providers as necessary;

  • Review expired and inactive members and send contact letter;

PaNNTOA Web Director:

  • Coordinate & approve expenses associated with website design requirements/improvements;

  • Direct activities of the Web Master;

  • Ensure all website changes are tested prior to implementation;

  • Implement all updates, changes & enhancements as directed by the Board.

Rendezvous Committee Responsibilities

  1. Find space, select venue and set date for the rendezvous.

  2. Develop and manage an event budget, reporting to the Treasurer & Board.

  3. Obtain preliminary price quotes from vendors.

  4. Contact and work with the Nordic Tug factory representative on planning.

  5. Contract with marina and meeting space requirements.

  6. Arrange for insurance.

  7. Make catering arrangements & select menus.

  8. Obtain liquor licenses where required.

  9. Solicit speakers, vendors and sponsors.

  10. Arrange for entertainment if desired.

  11. Verify sound system and/or additional speaker needs.

  12. Purchase all items needed for meals, including decorations if providing.

  13. Solicit raffle and/or auction items; buy raffle tickets if necessary.

  14. Determine PaNNTOA gear or gift; determine design cost and delivery requirements.

  15. Work with the Web Director to update the event registration form.

  16. Work with the Communications Director to send out periodic teasers/announcements for periodic mailings to members and publications.

  17. Regularly share a roster sheets with the dock/moorage coordinator.

  18. Solicit discounts for hotels/motels for registrants not bringing their boats.

  19. Design & prepare name tags; obtain plastic name tag holders w/clips.

  20. Buy pocket folders for handouts or plan to use marina gift bags.

    1. Prepare to stuff 2-3 days early.

  21. Develop final event program including speakers, special activities, vessel safety checks, and other boat inspections or activities.

  22. Coordinate sponsor/vendor page updates with the Web Director.

  23. Assemble handouts in folder, stuff bags and assemble raffle items;

    1. Prepare description/sign up pages for silent auction items.

  24. Prepare and print signup sheets for ongoing activities not identified as part of the registration process.