Commodore’s Corner – January 2023

Welcome to the 2023 boating season … okay, the very early, armchair cruising part of the season. It’s the ideal time to start knocking documentation and planning items off the checklist. For example, now is the perfect time to check your passport/Nexus card/other trusted traveler program expiration dates. Crossing the border is pretty much back to normal but there is a bit of a back log if you’re applying for any of these programs. Fortunately, there’s still time to get a passport before our 2023 Rendezvous in Sidney, BC, June 1-3. Waggoner Cruising has a great post related to border crossings (both directions).

And speaking of Waggoner, be sure to check out an exclusive PaNNTOA webinar being hosted via Zoom on February 15th. Experienced mariner and author of the Waggoner Cruising Guide, Mark Bunzel, will be giving a seminar on longer cruises in Canadian waters. Whether it’s your first trip or your fifteenth, you’re sure to learn something useful.

Before the bright work needs to be polished and the oil changed, while the weather is less than conducive to relaxed boating, visit the PaNNTOA forum topics. Add a question, answer a question, or just share your $.02. You may have already solved a problem someone else has, or maybe you know the perfect destination for an April shakedown cruise. If you have a question, chances are so does someone else. Please share. Your knowledge and thoughts are valuable and valued.

Stay warm, stay healthy, and we’ll see you on the water soon.

Sandra P., PaNNTOA Commodore (in case you were confusing me with some other commodore)