Call for Volunteers

I recently put out a call for volunteers to fill vacating Panntoa Board positions. I have received two volunteers. Jeff Redmond has offered to assume Vice Commodore and Stu Clark is stepping into the Rear Commodore role. These, of course, will be dependent on the membership vote at our General Meeting on June 3.

We still need to fill the following positions:

Web Director
Rendezvous Director

These are key positions that are necessary for the successful and continued operation of the Panntoa organization. The incumbents have successfully met their obligations and are committed to resigning their positions at the end of our Rendezvous. Thanks to all for your service!

I know some of you may be hesitant to take on the responsibilities of these positions but I also know that many of you by the simple nature of your careers, are capable and qualified to assume these leadership positions. Please consider one of these posts and contact me with your interest or questions.

You can reach me by email at  Remember, a ship without a rudder cannot sail!

Gary White

PaNNTOA Commodore