Oh La La … Volunteer Opportunity (averages less than 1 hour/month)

Our all-volunteer organization (except the wizard behind the website) is looking for a new Membership Director. Mark Malnes, after serving for several years, is ready to transition the role to a shiny, new director.

This is a role easily performed by anyone with access to the website. Our staff wizard has created several automated tools and processes to make the job straightforward.

The membership director provides information to the PaNNTOA board related to membership statistics, reaches out to potential members referred by other members, sends membership lists to sponsors that offer discounts (sponsors must pinky swear they will not send spam based on our supplied list) quarterly, and, if so inclined, thinks about ways to increase membership.

The membership director also works with the Communications director to reconcile bounced emails (did the member forget to renew? Sell their boat? Find a cooler group to hang out with? (Can’t be that!))

If interested (even in the mildest manner), please email the Commodore. Thanks!