Plant Tour Reveals Build Process from Ground Up

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Ever wonder what went in to building your boat? How it looks under the skin? On December 11, Dave Allen and the Nordic Tug plant treated some lucky Panntoa members to a great tour of the plant and a look at the new boats being built right now.  (The tour came together quickly, more about that below.)

It was exciting to see four new Nordic Tugs at different stages of their builds. We got to see for ourselves and hear from Dave how Nordic produces such exceptional craft – incorporating improved new materials and continuing the design and building practices that set Nordic Tugs apart from other brands.

This tour also helped us appreciate a lot of specifics that aren’t visible or accessible at a boat show when the Nordic Tug is completely built and buttoned up. By the way, because of boat show timing, it won’t be possible to see these new Nordic Tugs at January’s Seattle Boat Show. The May show in Anacortes may be a possibility,

As mentioned above, we were able to put the tour together on short notice. Thanks to their immediate responses to the Panntoa website posting and email announcement, eighteen Panntoa members got to participate. Even more Panntoa members responded in less than a day. However, to provide the best tour experience, the Nordic plant asked us to limit the size of the tour group.

Given the demand, Dave and Nordic Tugs are offering another tour for Panntoa members on Wednesday, January 15, beginning at 10 AM. To sign up for the tour, email It may not be risk-free, though – one of December’s tour group emailed “Now I want a new 44!”

--Mike Young, PaNNTOA Communications