Reminder: Zoom presentation on Exploring the Canadian Gulf Islands

Saturday, March 20, 6 pm by Roger Hind (NT42 “Nordic Mist”)

Meeting ID: 923 5608 8044

Passcode: 234777

Any issues or questions, please contact meeting host Doug Ford (360) 789-7861 or

Speaking of Spring

The folks at Seattle Yachts have a few suggestions for getting your boat ready for another year of fun on the water. After you’ve checked out their article below, what other related tasks spring to mind about getting shipshape for the season? Please share your tips, suggestions, and resources in the Maintenance forum. We have a lot of new boaters who would greatly appreciate whatever information you care to share. And don’t be shy about posting questions from the really gnarly (“How do I get my laptop to connect to my newly installed (fill in the blank)” to “how do I removed these cursed water spots.” Even folks who’ve been boating for a while are always looking for better ways to do things.