Rear Commodore/Treasurer


Rear Commodore/Treasurer – Sue Clark

I am looking forward to serving as the Rear Commodore of the Pacific Northwest Nordic Tug group. Since my husband and I are new to the Nordic Tug family, we are looking forward to making new friends and becoming active members.

My first boating experiences were as a teenager on a Sunfish sailboat and a power ski boat, both on Lake Tahoe. My husband and I have also cruised the PNW for many years in a variety of boats. We are now excited to own a Nordic 39 named Emmy Lou III as a remembrance of our late mothers. I am a retired elementary school teacher, having taught 35 years, most of that time in the primary grades. Since retirement I have enjoyed doing family genealogy, a variety of crafts, reading, and learning to play the ukulele.

You can reach me at: