PaNNTOA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

Greetings Tuggers!


Sitting by the dock in your boat,

Waitin for your chance to vote.

PANNTOA really needs you now

Read on and let me tell you how.

(with sincere apologies to Otis Redding)

Commodore’s Annual Statement

Here we are again, unfortunately having to do a General Meeting by absent proxy voting. As you can see, the three elected officials have agreed to stay on for one more year. It is our great hope that during the coming year, we will find willing and able volunteers to assume responsibility for those positions. Mark Malnes has agreed to step into the Membership Director position. Thank you Mark! Our Communications Director Mike Young, is looking to retire after serving for 2 years in the position. We are still looking for his replacement. If you are interested, please contact me at

Jeff Brein and Sandra Piotrowski will continue to serve the organization in their respective positions. A healthy organization cannot exist without volunteers to step into the various leadership roles. Thanks to all the existing board members who have served this year.


How To Vote

Voting by proxy is now open for two items. To maintain our tax and non-profit status, the voting members of PaNNTOA must approve the 2021 financial report. In addition, membership must elect new/re-elect existing executive positions to the board. Details of each item are below followed by voting instructions.

Approval of 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes:
There are no minutes to approve because instead of a meeting, we had COVID.

Approval of 2020-2021 Financial Reports:
Our finances are in good order and available for your review in the attached file.

Election of Board Officers:
All the current executive board members (Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore) have agreed to extend their commitment for one more year. You can review profiles of current

board members and job descriptions on the PaNNTOA website.

Voting is simple! Simply reply to this email with your two votes by midnight June 20th:
1.    Approve or Reject the 2020-2021 Financial Report.
2.    Approve or Reject the Re-Election of:

Gary White, Commodore

Doug Ford, Vice Commodore/Secretary

Mike Russell, Rear Commodore/Treasurer

As always, questions can be addressed by contacting any board member, or reply to me and I will route them accordingly. Your continued engagement is important to our organization, and we appreciate your support and understanding as we all keep a healthy distance this cruising season.

Doug Ford
Vice Commodore / Secretary

Your Executive Board (Elected):
Gary White, Commodore

Doug Ford, Vice Commodore / Secretary

Mike Russell, Rear Commodore / Treasurer

Your Appointed Directors (Non-elected Board):
Jeff Brein, Rendezvous Director

Mike Young, Communications

Mark Malnes, Membership

Sandra Piotrowski, Web