Get Out the Vote! And other cool stuff not to be missed…

Please read the following article regarding the PaNNTOA annual meeting and vote. If you don’t receive an email from PaNNTOA regarding the vote by June 10th, please send a note to or and we’ll get it sorted out. Voting is done via “reply” to the official email.


Last year’s photo contest was such a great success we’ll be doing another one this fall. Keep clicking away, contest details will be out after Labor Day (‘cause who has time to fiddle with contests in the middle of boating season).


And speaking of contests, our first recipe contest resulted in some absolutely delicious entries (and entrées). Though the contest is over, consider adding your favorite recipe, or a new one you develop this year, to the contest forum. And don’t be shy about adding positive feedback to the recipes submitted. In the category of living vicariously or perhaps planning for the future, be sure to follow our contest judge, Laura Domela, on as she leads an Alaska-bound flotilla (in progress).