2022 Rendezvous A Rousing Success

Cliff notes version: We bid a fond, and appreciative, farewell to COVID Commodore Gary White and his merry band of pirates, Vice Commodore Doug Ford and Rear Commodore/Treasurer Mike Russell, and welcomed our shiny new commodore, Stu Clark, Vice Commodore Jeff Redmond, and Rear Commodore Sue Clark.

Good speakers, great food, and plenty of opportunities to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Shortly we’ll be posting photos, resources, attendees, etc. Bear in mind, “shortly” was written by someone who drives a tug…

In the meantime, make sure you’re taking lots of photos on your cruises. Yes, PaNNTOA will be sponsoring another photo contest this fall. The theme is TBD but you’re pretty safe as long as there’s a Nordic Tug somewhere in the picture.