Mid-Sound Mini ‘Voux – September 2022

After a cool, damp spring, and a slow-to-start summer, we’re sacrificing a few chickens (or what we like to call, “making dinner”) to Neptune and Mother Nature, hoping for beautiful fall cruising. Gerry Guertin has volunteered to be our Cruise Captain for a mini rendezvous to be held in Kingston on September 23rd and 24th.

Gerry says there’s room for 10 to 15 boats, or so, and he might have a surprise or three up his sleeve. Please make your reservations directly with the Kingston Marina and be sure to mention you’re there with the Nordic Tug group (otherwise we’ll mock you when you get placed in the middle of the Rangers and Bayliners—just kidding. Not.)

RSVP Gerry at gk.guertin@comcast.net or call him at 360-908-5656. Gerry is breathlessly awaiting any questions you might have so don’t be shy about contacting him.

And if anyone wants to volunteer to captain a south sound, north sound, or Canadian mini rendezvous, please contact your friendly PaNNTOA Commodore.