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Happy Thanksgiving! And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members! November 23, 2020 - While 2020 was rife with stormy weather of one sort and another, we hope you also had many moments to appreciate. While contemplating your blessings, scan through your photos and see if there’s something you’d like to enter into PaNNTOA’s photo contest—the fast approaching deadline is November 30th.

Stay safe, stay warm, and in the great words of UNKNOWN, “There’s always something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Even if it’s just not being a turkey.”
Cruising with Miranda: Summer 2020 November 15, 2020 - Editor’s note: If you’ve been following the adventures of Miranda, you’ll know that she tours the seas aboard PaNNTOA members’ boats. Her adventures have been chronicled in a lovely album, updated for member’s enjoyment for each annual rendezvous. This year, we’re posting Miranda’s story on the web site for all to enjoy. Miranda recently returned to port following her journeys this year with Bill and Sam Stone aboard the good ship, July. Here’s Sam’s report:

Miranda arrived at our home in Anacortes on Monday, June 29th. I was out walking with the neighbors. She just made herself at home, insisting that she sit in Bill’s favorite chair until he returned. Kind of reminds me of our cat. 

Bill was surprised and somewhat hesitant when he returned home, indicating face mask or not, there’s really no social distancing on the boat.  

Personally, I like her. Miranda has many more social skills than our cat, she’s quiet, doesn’t eat a lot, doesn’t weigh a lot and seems more interested in life than Bandit (the cat). Who knows? We’ll see what happens when we go to Cap Sante Marina for the 4th of July weekend.  

Well it was true. Miranda was much better behaved than the cat! Thus, Bill had a decision to make…would it be Bandit or Miranda and me on his future voyage(s)…Stay tuned to see what happened this summer.  

CHAPTER 2. Miranda & Me  

It probably wasn’t fair that I didn’t tell you that the cat (Bandit) gets seasick, was it? As one can imagine, after multiple vet visits, multiple drugs, puncture wounds from trying to give those drugs, it was an easy decision for Bill to select Miranda and me as his crew.  

Because this has been the summer of “The Backyard,” Miranda hasn’t been out on the boat much yet. She has had time to settle into Anacortes though, and get comfortable at home. 

Next scheduled voyage for the Captain and crew was mid-September to Rosario and Deer Harbor. Let’s see, how did that go??? Well, really well, except for a bit of smoke and a lot of fog and the very first scratches on July (NT 42-110).  

While moored in Deer Harbor, our slip mates came over a little too far when trying to dock, catching July’s starboard rear corner and removing the gelcoat down to the fiberglass. Miranda got a little excited about that…but Bill was able to get it fixed! Can’t even tell there was a problem.  

Miranda did, however, make friends with another dock neighbor on the opposite side of us in his 62’ wooden boat, Orina. Turns out this neighbor is a published author of several books. One in particular he shared with Miranda and her crew, is titled Inside the Inside Passage - True Stories From the Land of the Spirit Bear, by Captain Joseph P. Bettis.  

If you haven’t read the book, it is available on Amazon, and is a series of chapters not necessarily in date order, but all discussing Joseph’s adventures over thirty years with the magic and mystery of the Inside Passage. He takes you on a journey, all the way to Bartlett Cove & Reid Inlet, 1,272 miles from Seattle. Our own Vice-Commodore, Doug Ford said “…it is the best of the many cruising narratives I’ve read. Bettis did an excellent job of balancing people, places, history and a culture in a well-written narrative.”  

Miranda’s next trip was to Rosario, where Miranda got some experience on the journey watching the radar with about a 1/8-mile visibility. The same foggy/smoky weather was repeated again 3 days later when we were moving on to Deer Harbor. We needed to go back so Miranda could wish her friend Joseph well, as he was moving his boat permanently to Friday Harbor. 

Things have been pretty quiet at home since then. Miranda helped can or freeze tomato and apple sauce(s), dry a few herbs, and generally start preparing the gardens for cooler days ahead. Miranda’s next couple trips will likely be Airbnb or VRBO related. We’ll keep you informed as to how and where she spends her holidays.  

Until then…Miranda and Bandit (the seasick cat) play next to the fireplace on a cooler day.


Many of us spent time on the water this summer rediscovering our own local treasured anchorages—whether the south sound or the Gulf Islands, Hood Canal or the Sunshine Coast, or every little nook and cranny of the San Juan’s. What a treat to live in the Pacific Northwest with so many beautiful destinations within easy reach.  

Seattle Yachts and PANNTOA are sponsoring a photo contest to showcase your best summer pics. As you click through your photos, consider beauty, wildlife, hangouts, family fun, humor, Nordic Tugs, or anything nautical that shows off the joy of tugging!  

  • Up to two photo submissions per boat so give us your best shot
  • Must be a current member of PANNTOA
  • Photos must be from this calendar year
  • Post your photo to the PANNTOA online forum titled Trip Reports, subtopic Covid Cruze Pics during the month of November. Last day for submissions is November 30
  • Photos should not exceed 1 mg in size. Instructions for posting photos are on the forum page near the top left corner of the screen. Contact Sandra (Web director) for help if needed
  • Post a brief story about your photo
  • Judging will be done by our Seattle Yachts sponsor and two PANNTOA board members
  • Winners will be announced on the website on December 15
While you are on the website, please take some time to:
  • Explore other forum posts
  • Post a question about a project of yours or help a fellow tugger with theirs
  • Update your directory information and photo
  • Contact a fellow tugger via the directory
  • Check out our wonderful Supporters and Vendors
  • Read the minutes of recent PANNTOA board meetings to know what we are working on
  • Review the board job descriptions and consider participating!
  • Send an email to a board member with a comment or question


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Commodore's Corner

October 26, 2020 - Well, Fall snuck up on me and here we are already a month into it. This was an interesting summer for cruising to say the least. Although early restrictions kept most of us off the water initially, Carole and I found that many of us were able to go out and were comfortable enjoying the San Juans after restrictions were lifted. After all, what’s more socially distanced than a boat at anchor!  

We saw and/or heard many of you cruising throughout the summer. We personally took several shorter trips this year to break it up, chase the good weather, and also to try and avoid the crowds. Our favorite cruise was in late September where crowds were nearly nonexistent and favorite anchorages back to normal capacities, and the Coho fishing was amazing.  

I hope you all were able to find a spot to throw the hook and enjoy our beautiful San Juans, Puget Sound, and/or South Sound waters. And for our Canadian members, we hope you enjoyed what I presume to be the relative quiet of Canadian cruising waters, without the added pressure of U.S. boats!  

Rendezvous News

After Panntoa Board members returned from their cruising and summer travels, we held a board meeting on October 13th. We have begun discussions on next year’s rendezvous and are looking at the implications of Covid as it may apply to that. The tentative dates are June 10-12, 2021 in Sydney B.C. Of course, we will not have a clear vision about whether we can successfully hold a rendezvous until next year. But hopeful planning is underway. We will be following up with you regarding the rendezvous as plans develop.  

Factory News

I am pleased to let you know that the factory is going full guns! I am in regular contact with Dave Allen and he has informed me that they have 8 Nordic Tugs in the build queue, with a couple in production now. They also have 9 Ocean Sports in line for production. They continue to increase their workforce which has doubled since the first of the year. This is great news.  

In a recent conversation with Cory Gracey at Seattle Yachts (the new Nordic Tug dealer in Anacortes) he said they have sold one new, and 5 used Nordic Tugs since August. So it appears that Nordic Tugs are in high demand and valued as a quality purchase by those looking for socially distanced recreation.  

Upcoming Photo Contest

We will be co-sponsoring a photo contest with Seattle Yachts focusing on this year’s “Covid Cruzing.” We want to see your pictures! Prizes to be awarded! Seattle Yachts has provided 2 very nice prizes and Panntoa is donating 2 items from the Panntoa “store.” Watch for information to be coming soon to the Panntoa web site with instruction on how to enter.  

In closing, we are fortunate in the Northwest to have cruising weather most of the year, so as the weather windows present themselves over the next few months, I hope you will be able to get out and enjoy your Tug. Carole and I will be looking for those breaks as well and hope to see you on the water!  

Gary White  

Panntoa Commodore

Stay up to Date on COVID-19 Closures April 5, 2020 - The status of Salish Sea marinas, docks and marine parks in BC and Washington is in a state of flux as the worsening COVID-19 crisis changes conditions daily, sometimes hourly. Salish Sea Pilot has been contacting marinas from the Broughtons to Puget Sound to identify which are accepting transient visitors and, if they are, what services are available once those boaters tie up. Watch The Salish Sea Pilot Covid-19 page for updates. Additionally, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has updated their regulations.
Check out updated helpful links March 30, 2020 - Look over in the right-hand column on this page. (If you’re using a tablet or phone, look towards the bottom of the page.) See the list of helpful links? Based on the pages you visit the most on the site we tracked down sites you may not have heard about. Boats for sale and maintenance topics are particularly popular. Some of the content isn’t directly Nordic Tug related, and some is newer than others. But we found value in each of the sites and hope you do too. Drop us a note in the forum with feedback on these links and suggestions for more we should add.
Get inside info: download Nordic Tug tip sheets February 25, 2020 - One of the best reasons to belong to PaNNTOA is the opportunity to learn "inside information" about your boat. Thanks to the Nordic Tug Factory and Wilde Yacht Sales for providing four tip sheets for Nordic owners. These PDF files contain a variety of tips, some are duplicated across the sheets and some are more current than others. So be sure to download all of them. In addition to safety, seamanship, and boat maintenance advice, you'll learn how to deal with sticky windows and why vinegar is good and Windex with ammonia is bad. Who knew? [learn more]


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