Get inside info: download Nordic Tug tip sheets

Looking for clever ideas and experienced advice? Then download the tip sheets compiled by Wilde Yacht Sales and passed along by Dave Allen at the Nordic Tug factory. This collection of dozens of tips may include stuff you already know, but odds are you’ll find a few good ideas.

Along with specific advice for Nordic Tug owners, you’ll get a wide range of tips for safety, seamanship, and boat maintenance. For example:

  • Verify proper parameters for running your engine and genset
  • Get sound advice for navigating fuel docks and handling an oil change
  • Simplify head maintenance with a couple basic steps
  • Learn why red nail polish can help in an emergency (Hint: mark your horn button so you can find it fast)
  • Find out why spiders can be bad news for your black water tank

Tip Sheet 1

Tip Sheet 2

Tip Sheet 3 

Tip Sheet 4