Now Hear This…

This is my inaugural message as your new Commodore. I want to express my gratitude to Gary White for his dedication and leadership over the past three years he served PaNNTOA as Commodore. I also want to thank those individuals – his Board, and those that volunteered – in helping with the numerous logistics that keep PaNNTOA afloat.

I plan to email the entire PaNNTOA membership once a month. It won’t be a lengthy email, but one that calls your attention to various things happening within the organization. It will basically be an invitation to go to our website ( for more details on those updates if you are interested.

In order to serve our organization, I would like to ask you some questions and when you have some time, to answer those questions with as much detail as you would like. Email them to me at Your responses will stay anonymous.

Here are my questions to the membership:

  1. What do you want from PaNNTOA? In other words, what do you want our organization to fulfill?
  2.  Before moving to Anacortes from Northern California, Sue (your Rear Commodore) and I belonged to an Airstream RV group. They would periodically have “Flash Rallies” These rallies would be spontaneous and non-sponsored. The intent of a “Flash Rally” was to let the group know that a particular RVer was going to such-and-such a place in the following days and if anyone wanted to join them, for the company, just show up. There were no reservations, no hosting implied, but just a general announcement that “I’ll be there and join me if you want.” Not to be confused with a Mini-Rendezvous or the annual Rendezvous, would this be something you think has merit?
  3.  More than half of all boaters have a pet (or pets) on board. The majority are dogs, but there are some boat cats, too. We’ve created a forum topic on our website that deals with traveling with pets. Hopefully folks will post information and questions about which marine parks are pet friendly or unfriendly. Same with marinas. Also tips for training and coping with travel challenges specific to pets. I think a forum supporting this interchange would be helpful.
  4.  One of my hobbies has been amateur radio. I’ve been licensed for 64 years. Amateur, or “ham” radio is not CB radio and it doesn’t replace a cell phone. What it does do is provide communication capabilities – both for enjoyment, and to serve in an emergency. The number of boaters with ham radio equipment on board is very slim. A boater wanting to get licensed and then solve the challenges of putting workable equipment on board is challenging. But it can be done and I would like to create a forum on our website that deals with not only ham radio, but with radio communication in general. Would you be interested in getting your ham radio license? Would you be interested in knowing more about your boat’s radio or radios?
  5. Would you be interested in setting up a Mini-Rendezvous that would be south of Seattle, or north of La Conner? PaNNTOA will allocate $500 to cover a BBQ and a deposit to reserve slips.
  6.  This coming September, a Mini-Rendezvous is being set up by Gerry Guertin. It will be held in Kingston. More details are available on the PaNNTOA website home page. If you would like to help Gerry, please email him at
  7.  The last question deals with next year’s Rendezvous. It is slated to be in Sidney, BC. Based on this year’s survey results (thank you to those that submitted), there were comments/requests/suggestions involving dates, workshops, etc. So, please take some time and let your new Board of Directors know what you think. When would you like it? What speakers would you like to have? What subjects would you like to cover? There are no guarantees but we will do our best to consider your thoughts.

Don’t forget to be taking pictures of your Nordic Tug exploits this Summer and Fall to enter in the PaNNTOA Photo Contest later this year.

Stay safe and see you on the water!

Stu Clark